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Daily maintenance method of evaporation coating machine

Daily maintenance method of evaporation coating machine


Daily maintenance method of evaporation coating machine

The vacuum coating equipment we use has its own particularity, and daily attention should be paid to cleaning and maintenance. The following introduces the daily maintenance method of the evaporation coating machine:

1. If a bad sign is found in the routine maintenance of production equipment, it should be solved immediately. The coating machine should not think that the oil is replaced regularly, waiting for the maintenance time, the rotor pump may be severely worn. For example, some of the bearings are stuck in the turret, replace the bearing, and then wait until it breaks completely, which can be a big problem, the coater can cause the turret motor to burn out, etc.

2. Regular maintenance, some people will ask whether a routine maintenance also requires regular maintenance? In fact, each equipment has its own life, such as 2 years of oil diffusion pump life, replaced in advance, the coating machine has no problem in the production stage. As long as you carry out routine maintenance and regular maintenance, the service life of the equipment will be extended at the same time, the probability of failure in the production process will be greatly reduced, and the production efficiency will be improved. , 3, do not blindly disassemble. The vacuum part of the coater problem is difficult, and many companies do not leak detectors and will gradually find them. There may be the following reasons for not going to vacuum: 1. Maybe the leakage rate, which is what we often call leakage; 2. Maybe the pumping capacity of the vacuum unit is not enough, polluted or oxidized;

3. It may be that a vacuum chamber is too dirty with air; the coating machine leaks water 4 vacuum chambers;

4. Secondary pipeline leakage; or possible. The problem, first and foremost, is judgment, right? Demolition? Will water leak? valve opening? Judging according to the phenomenon, and then finding the problem according to the judgment, you can get twice the result with half the effort.

5. Develop good hygiene habits. Coating machine dust removal equipment and peripheral equipment, oil equipment itself is quite large. Dust will generate static electricity and damage electronic components. Oil can quench and crack the conduit, causing some unexpected problems.

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