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by:ZHENHUA     2020-03-23
Estee Lauder has already implemented it.
Enjoy a free day in the office.
When Jessie Ang, Clinique\'s senior marketing manager and president of Earth month last year, announced that it would be the beginning of the newspaper --
Free days for Estee Lauder (ELC)
Not everyone welcomes the news with open arms.
Printing paper or bringing paper into the meeting is not allowed on a specified day.
\"My colleagues and people asked me why I was doing this, and I received a\" bad \"look.
This caused some commotion as people who printed things before the specified date wanted to know if their prints should be seen on paper on the table --free day!
He said with a smile.
\"Initially it was a struggle, but things improved after several times of implementation.
The idea persisted and became a habit.
\"We try to do this every quarter.
It sounds easy, but in fact, people\'s workflow gets messed up when they can\'t print.
However, everyone has become more organized.
They printed their work before they had no printing day, or were more aware of the need to print something, \"Ong added.
\"In addition to fines imposed on those who print or use paper, we also reward the cleanest and most paper --
Our branded products serve as prizes for free workstations for the day.
\"In last June, inspired by the Green movement in her office, Wu Xiuxian, vice president and president of Earth month last year
She mailed her colleagues information about not using polystyrene food containers with World Environment Day.
Those who use polystyrene food containers in the office are often given a lecture on the evil of polystyrene, or are shown by Ng with an iPad about the horror of flooding and sea choking from garbage.
\"In order to remove polystyrene, the origin team has a stock of reusable plastic containers of various sizes to accommodate solid or open-air takeout for employees at any time, \"Ng, from the marketing and PR manager, said.
The company\'s entertainment club also purchased reusable plastic food containers and water bottles for each employee.
Many brands under ELC often have training courses from the education team, which have lunch in the office, and the easiest way to feed about 30 people is to pack food and always use a polystyrene food container.
\"We asked the education team to work with their respective food suppliers to package food in recyclable containers and to make costs part of the education budget,\" Ng said . \".
In addition to polystyrene, Ng also suggested that sometimes the brown paper with a wax coating used to wrap the food was not that green.
\"According to the supplier, the wax layer is a polyethylene or PE coating made of petroleum, which is non-biodegradable.
\"In addition, we need to ask if brown paper is safe enough and there are safety standards for recycling,\" she noted . \".
\"In a biodegradable food container, a plant --
Enzyme-based PE coating for hard coating.
The interaction with rain and the sun will activate the decomposed enzyme (the coating)in 90 days.
\"I want people to understand that there is a price for change, but it has long-term benefits.
When more people demand the use of biodegradable food containers, the supply of these containers will increase, thus reducing the price.
In addition, new materials thrown away every day will be reduced, \"Ng said.
These days they stop whenever she sees someone holding a polystyrene container
And began to apologize.
\"When they feel guilty, I know we \'ve won half the battle to make people more conscious about the environment,\" Ng said with a smile . \".
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