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Customers who need glass coating machine

Customers who need glass coating machine


Our customer Mr Joseph Met is a mobile phone component manufacturer from USA.

He has a mobile phone cover processing factory in China now. His business is mainly come from a variety of well-known mobile phone brands factories.In order to increase the production capacity of coating equipment, Mr Joseph Met began to look for professional vacuum coating equipment manufacturers. When he searched our official website, he learned that Guangdong Zhenhua Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional vacuum coating equipment manufacturer and have R&D, sales,production and service departments,can offer a very good service to customers. He is very interested in our factory.

vacuum coating machine

Coated glass is coated with one or more layers of metal, alloy du or gold zhi compound film on the glass surface bai to change the optical properties of the glass dao to meet certain specific requirements.

According to the different characteristics of products, coated glass can be divided into the following categories: heat reflective glass, low-e glass (Low-E), conductive film glass, etc.

There are many production methods for coated glass, mainly including vacuum magnetron sputtering method, vacuum evaporation method, chemical vapor deposition method and sol-gel method. Magnetron sputtering coated glass can use magnetron sputtering technology to design and manufacture multi-layer complex film system, which can be plated with a variety of colors on a white glass substrate. The film has good corrosion resistance and wear resistance, and is produced and used. One of the most products.


1. High-transparency LowE glass

High-transmittance LowE glass has high visible light transmittance, high solar energy transmittance and far-infrared emissivity, so it has excellent lighting performance, many solar heat radiation through the glass, and excellent heat insulation performance, suitable for the cold north High-permeability buildings in regions and parts of the area highlight natural lighting effects.

2. Shaded LowE glass

The shaded LowE glass has a certain shade to the indoor vision, which can prevent the solar heat radiation from entering the room and restrict the outdoor secondary heat radiation from entering the room in summer. It is suitable for both the south and the north. Because of its rich decorative effect and outdoor sight-shading effect, it is suitable for all kinds of buildings.

3. Double silver LowE glass

Double Silver LowE glass highlights the sunshade effect of the glass on solar heat radiation, cleverly combines the high light transmittance of the glass and the low transmittance of solar heat radiation, and has a higher visible light transmittance, which can effectively limit In summer, the background heat radiation outside enters the room.

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