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​Commonly used control systems in PVD sputtering coating machine

​Commonly used control systems in PVD sputtering coating machine


Commonly used control systems in PVD sputtering coating machine

In the PVD sputtering coating machine, we usually use the relay control system of mechanical vacuum diffusion pump set . The control circuit is composed of the main circuit and the control circuit, and its used to realize the program control function of the vacuum unit.

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Since each manufacturer is different, the accessories used by manufacturers are also different, so the prices between manufacturers are also different. The equipment of vacuum coating equipment is basically the same, that is, in terms of hardware, the first thing you choose depends on whether the manufacturer you choose is highly qualified and has sufficient experience.


In fact, there are many factors that determine the price of vacuum coating equipment. Because the market is changing with each passing day, buyers must want both cheap and good. So last year's price and this year's price may be two concepts. When we buy, we should not blindly just choose the cheap ones, and we must purchase them according to our own needs.

There are several types of vacuum coating equipment, depending on the process and equipment configuration, the evaporation coating machine is at 150 to 400 thousand, the multi-arc ion coating equipment is at 300 to 1.2 million, the magnetron sputtering coating equipment is at 600 to 1 million, and the tool coating equipment is at 700 to 1 million.

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