Comfort and an Oil Change

by:ZHENHUA     2020-05-15
Some of life's tasks are much more pleasant than others. Personally, I enjoy cooking and of course we enjoy eating good food. Cleaning up the dishes afterwards, not so much. In my house we make the task more pleasant by having the whole family pitch in while we talk about school, work, and life while doing the dishes. This makes the whole job seem easier. I don't look forward to going to the dentist, my wife doesn't look forward to a trip to her OB/GYN and my kids don't look forward to final exams. They're all things we just have to do and muddle through the best we can. Oil changes for our cars is pretty much in the same category-I don't know anyone that leaps out of bed in the bed in the morning and shouts, 'Oh boy! I get to get my oil changed today!' I used to get the oil changed in my car at a place with a tiny and rather dirty waiting room. There were ancient car magazines and hard little chairs. But I told myself, what do you expect, it's an oil change. But one day the guy changing my oil tightened the oil drain bolt too much and it turned out he cracked the oil pan weld there. I was back the next day with my now leaking Infiniti G37 arguing with the shop manager that my car had NOT been leaking oil when I brought it in the day before. What a hassle. Then I heard about Infiniti Express Service, a fast oil and filter change and safety inspection service offered by my local Infiniti dealer. Next time my G35 needed an oil and filter change I decided to give Express Service a try. Wow, is all I can say. First, no appointment is needed and they take my car right away. They told me that only factory certified Infiniti Technicians (who would never crudely crack my oil pan) would work on my car and that any parts it needed including filters would be genuine Infiniti parts made just for my car. The real shock came went I went to the 'customer lounge.' Being used to local quickie oil change shops I wasn't prepared for this to actually qualify for the word 'lounge.' But it sure did. It was huge compared to the last place. It had a big plasma TV screen, comfortable couches and some nice tables and chairs. There was fresh coffee (and it was good), and everything was sparkling clean. Best of all, it had free Wi-Fi and the connection was fast. I got a cup of coffee and settled at one of the chairs. I checked my e-mail and answered a couple, listening to the afternoon news on the plasma TV. After a bit a certified Infiniti technician named Ruby came in to show me that my air filters were clogged and needed replacing. He brought my old one to me and a new to compare it with. After I agreed that it needed changing he left and I surfed the 'Net to pick up some scores on the obscure sport of Lacrosse that I love so much. Before I knew it the Infiniti service advisor was there telling me that my car was ready. And get this, while I waited in the cool, comfortable lounge, they even washed my car for me. In less than an hour while I passed the time pleasantly in a true customer lounge they had changed my oil and oil filter, replaced my air filter, given my car a thorough multi-point safety inspection which even included testing my battery as well as inspecting my brakes, lights and other important things on my car. Then they delivered my car to me all clean and shiny. The final surprise was the bill, it was competitive to what I had paid to the grungy local shop where I sat uncomfortably in a dirty little room while they cracked my oil pan and certainly didn't wash my car. So if you own an Infiniti, you owe it to yourself to try the Express Service at your local dealership. You'll discover that it's possible to turn the unpleasant task of getting an oil change into a pleasant surprise.
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