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Cold trap of evaporation coating machine

Cold trap of evaporation coating machine


Cold trap of evaporation coating machine 

vacuum coating machine

The common cold trap types in vacuum systems include glass cold traps and metal cold traps. In addition to the effect of the cold trap being affected by the structure of the cold trap, the temperature of the refrigerant is another decisive factor in its performance. Naturally, the lower the refrigerant temperature, the better the effect. Commonly used refrigerants for cold traps are: water, solid carbon dioxide, ice-containing brine, liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, liquid hydrogen, acetone mixture, ice-added calcium chloride, etc.

Since the performance of various vacuum pumps can meet the common point of vacuuming the container, there are still differences. Therefore, it is very important to clarify the tasks that the pump undertakes in the vacuum system when selecting. The role of the pump in various fields of work can be summarized as follows.

 1. Be the main pump in the system

 The so-called main pump is a vacuum pump that directly evacuates the pumped container of the vacuum system to obtain the vacuum required to meet the process requirements.

  2. Rough pump

 Rough suction pump refers to a vacuum pump that reduces the pressure of the vacuum system from atmospheric pressure until another suction system can start working.

 3, fore pump

 Foreline pump refers to a vacuum pump used to maintain the foreline pressure of another pump below its maximum allowable foreline pressure.

 4, maintain the pump

  Maintaining the pump means that when the vacuum system is very small, the main backing pump cannot be used effectively. For this reason, another auxiliary backing pump with a lower pumping speed is provided in the vacuum system to maintain the normal operation of the main pump or to maintain the low pressure vacuum pump required for the evacuated container.

 5, rough vacuum pump or rough vacuum pump

 Rough and rough vacuum pump refers to a vacuum pump that starts from the atmosphere, reduces the pressure of the pumped container and then works in the range of low vacuum or rough vacuum pressure.

 6, high vacuum pump

 High vacuum pump refers to a vacuum pump that works in the high vacuum range.

 7, ultra-high vacuum pump

 Ultra-high vacuum pump refers to a vacuum pump that works in the ultra-high vacuum range.

 8, booster pump

  Booster pump usually refers to a vacuum pump that works between the rough vacuum pump and the high vacuum pump to increase the pumping capacity of the pumping system in the intermediate pressure range or reduce the pumping rate of the backing pump.

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