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Coating process of multi-arc ion vacuum coating machine

Coating process of multi-arc ion vacuum coating machine


Coating process of multi-arc ion vacuum coating machine

The process of multi-arc ion vacuum coating machine is a process that uses a variety of materials for coating, and its processing temperature should be kept above 150 ℃, but should not exceed 500 ℃. Titanium plating can not only make the cutting tool colorful, but also make the cutting tool achieve a certain hardness effect. Using PVD technology, the cutting tool has excellent performance.

Multi-arc ion vacuum titanium plating machine Titanium plating is a general coating process. Many people are not very familiar with the main characteristics of titanium plating. So, what are the main characteristics of titanium plating?

1, refers to the higher temperature titanium coating titanium furnace, titanium, zirconium and other metal cutting, air and inert gas glow discharge, while the metal or alloy coating is processed, the steam ionized ion accelerating electric field, the stainless steel plate Negative charges will continue to accumulate, so is the color of the metal film very rich?

2. The color will not change. PVD coating is the main feature of titanium plating. Different from traditional electroplating, the coating has high hardness and can avoid the occurrence of sassafras, no peeling, high corrosion resistance, so PVD coated stainless steel can always be widely used in many decoration industries

Titanium nitride plating is a kind of titanium coating process. Under normal circumstances, the color of titanium nitride is gold. Titanium nitride is not only excellent in performance, its hardness is 2300 high pressure, and it is widely used in chemical, materials and other industries, so what Is a feature of titanium nitride coating

Titanium nitride is usually gold, and its working temperature can withstand up to 580 degrees Celsius, which can adapt to low-temperature coatings. The friction coefficient of 0.23VSNi can effectively reduce friction and is suitable for low-temperature parts. The precision parts produced by this titanium plating process usually have good wear resistance. Titanium nitride coatings are more resistant to corrosive environments than other non-titanium nitride coatings, and have a longer service life. Titanium nitride as a coating of titanium coatings can effectively improve the surface hardness of the metal and the wear resistance of the metal. The good electrical conductivity of titanium nitride can make the product suitable for industries such as medicine, glass and accessories.

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