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Coating performance characteristics of PVD vacuum coating machine

Coating performance characteristics of PVD vacuum coating machine


Coating performance characteristics of PVD vacuum coating machine

Vacuum coating machine is widely used and deeply welcomed by the market. We usually have decorative vacuum coating machine, optical vacuum coating machine, winding vacuum coating machine, continuous line vacuum coating machine, etc. Different types of coating machines also have great differences in application fields. Vacuum coating machine has deeply affected people's life, and it has become an indispensable part of people's life. The following small series will introduce the coating performance and characteristics of vacuum coating machine in detail, hoping to help you:

1. Coating performance of vacuum coating machine

(1) Metal appearance

(2) Uniform color

(3) Durable surface to maintain a good appearance in a variety of basic air and direct sunlight environmental conditions.

(4) The color is deep and bright

(5) It is economical and reduces the time and cost of cleaning and polishing electroplated brass or gold.

(6) It is harmless to the environment and avoids chemical poisoning and VOC emission.

(7) Biocompatibility

The paint film of vacuum coating machine has various colors, fine and smooth surface, rich metallic luster and never fade. It will not change color or fall off in hot sunshine and humid environment, and its performance is stable. High wear resistance, scratch resistance, not easy to scratch. There are many kinds of electroplating materials with strong adhesion to the matrix. High vacuum ion plating technology -- really harmless to human body and ecological environment.

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