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Coating inspection of evaporation coationg machine

Coating inspection of evaporation coationg machine


Coating inspection of evaporation coationg machine

Evaporation Coationg Machine's coating test: After the evaporation coating material is produced, the performance of the material is tested by evaporation coating equipment. Product performance indicators need to be checked for compliance. This is an important testing method in material performance testing.

evaporation coationg machine

The first vacuum coating equipment was a long time away. The first vacuum coating technology first appeared in the 1930s, and then it was applied to industrial applications after more than ten years. Vacuum coating equipment was widely used in the 1980s. The method used in vacuum coating equipment belongs to a type of physical vapor deposition process. Because its coating often uses metal thin films, it is also called vacuum metallization. It also has a broader meaning, that is, the surface vacuum evaporation of metal or non-metallic materials produces many films with non-metallic functionality such as polymers. Among all the materials to be plated in vacuum coating equipment, in the long development, plastic is now the most common material, and then paper. Compared with metal, wood and metal, its cost is cheaper and more economical. The performance is also easier to be adjusted, the processing is very convenient, and the variety is easy to choose, so it is widely used in the automotive packaging industry. However, plastic is not the only vacuum coating equipment because of its insufficient hardness, insufficient appearance, low wear resistance and short service life. Therefore, many manufacturers will plate a layer of hard and beautiful metal on the surface of the plastic to improve its performance.

In optical instruments, the reflection on the surface of the optical element not only affects the light energy of the optical element; moreover, these reflected light will also form stray light in the instrument, which affects the imaging quality of the optical instrument. In order to solve these problems, a certain thickness of single-layer or multi-layer film is usually plated on the surface of the optical element to reduce the reflected light on the surface of the element. Such a film is called an optical antireflection film (or antireflection film).

That's it for today's basic introduction of vacuum coating equipment. I hope you can gain something.

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