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Coating functional films using PVD vacuum coating equipment

Coating functional films using PVD vacuum coating equipment


There are two ways to realize the coating functional film using PVD vacuum coating equipment, CVD method and PVD method. The following popularize the method of coating functional film of vacuum coating machine, using PVD coating, I hope to help everyone:

The PVD method uses physical forms such as evaporation and sputtering to remove the target source of matter, and then carries energy through a vacuum or vacuum space to deposit vapor ions on the surface of the substrate to form a film or part, through the gas phase reaction process, the gas phase reaction occurs metal atoms evaporation and sputtering to deposit the desired compound on the tool surface. PVD coatings can coat titanium nitrides, titanium carbonitrides, aluminum titanium nitrides, and various refractory metal carbides and nitrides.

Currently commonly used PvD methods include low voltage electron beam evaporation (LVEE), cathodic electron arc deposition (CAD), transistor high voltage electron beam evaporation (THVEE), unbalanced magnetron sputtering (UMS), ion beam assisted deposition (IAD) and dynamic Ion Beam Mixing (DIM). The main difference is that the deposition material is vaporized and the plasma is generated differently, resulting in different film formation speeds and film quality.

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