Coal resources are the main mining resources in

by:ZHENHUA     2020-06-22
This grinding machine is suitable for grinding and scattering the materials with coarse and hard particles or materials with pretended thickness phenomenon. After ground by this equipment, the material has even granularity and fine particles. In addition, it is also able to evenly mix several different materials so that it has been widely used in coating, paint, rubber, abrasive, ceramics, ore, coal, metal powder, hard alloy, magnetic materials and other materials. Generally speaking, there are two methods used in the coal exploitation: over ground and underground exploitation. The choice of different mining methods id determined by the geography conditions, coal hierarchy and the sea filling project. Opening mining is often restricted by the protection of original geography so that the underground mining enjoys significant popularity among machinery manufacturing companies. If the coal layer is very close from the ground and the permutation is very close, then it is thought that this mining method is open mining. The comprehensive use of coal resources is not only the requirement of environmental protection but its significant economic benefits have been recognized by most mining companies. In the southeast coastal areas and some other developed districts, the demands for the powder coal products and fine ashes have been exceeding the supplies. At present, the fineness degree of the original ash emitted by a lot of domestic power stations using coal as the electricity supply often varies between 20% and 50%, which cannot reach the national standard of first grade and second grade ash. Generally speaking, many electricity generating stations use the coal resources dry separation technology to separate the original ash in order to gain the finished ash and a certain economic benefit. However, the separated coarse ash whose fineness degree is often about 65% has not been sufficiently made in use, for this reason, it will be emitted on the spot or sold at a very low price and even become a burden of a manufacturing company. Then here comes a piece of good news. Hongxing Machinery designs, researches and develops a kind of new grinding equipment which is vertical ball mill. Making use of this mill, we can super grind the mixed material mainly containing original ash or separated coarse ash and make it contain a certain degree of hydraulic activity so that it will be used for producing advanced blending super fine lime which is able to configure reinforced concrete with outstanding performance so that we can reach the goal of comprehensively using the coal resources and create more economic benefits. In the mining process, a lot of machines and equipment will be needed, such as sand maker and crushing and grinding machines and ore dressing and washing equipment is also necessary. ball mill: sand maker:
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