Clutter is an unavoidable bane of any household

by:ZHENHUA     2020-06-13
However, busy moms can gain control over their household work as well as house cleaning by having a systematic approach towards all the chores of the house. The first step towards this is to identify daily, weekly and monthly cleaning tasks and allot specific days and time to carry them out. For instance, you can take up cleaning of your kitchen on every alternate day or twice in a week as it is an area that needs maximum hygiene and also gets dirty faster than any other place in your house. Dusting can be done as and when you find dust film coating your furniture or windows and doors. Dusting can be a routine affair as it is hardly time-consuming. It is advisable to invest in a portable and small vacuum cleaner to take care of spills and crumbs the moment they happen. This way you can keep your flooring and dining area free of any dirt. Most experienced moms prefer an empty sink when they retire for the day. Starting the day with a sink full of used utensils, bowls and plates can be a huge downer. On the other hand having fresh, clean plates and cups to start your day can instill a sense of enthusiasm and positivity. Major cleaning tasks such as washing the terrace, cleaning the carpets and the flooring and vacuuming the upholstery and curtains can be kept for weekends when you can get help from other members of the family. It is also a good idea to allot a part of weekly work to every major family member so that the tasks get done effectively and in a short span of time.
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