Chinese powder coating industry is moving toward maturity

by:ZHENHUA     2020-06-24
There are four points for formation technology of superfine metal powder: First, the stock of knowledge of many disciplines of the metal powder body of integrated or are in development in this direction, in addition to the various disciplines process differences, the boundaries become increasingly blurred, ever closer to the language used and the conceptual framework on the study of the supermicro metal powder technology. Second, it contains a reserve of powder knowledge from different disciplines and scholars interested in a series of interrelated problems. Such as ultra-fine grinding and classification of the problem caused by the common concern of the scholars of the materials, chemicals, electronics, metallurgy, medicine and other disciplines. Third, some common problems by means of different disciplines, concepts, tools, techniques and research skills have been resolved, such as laser particle size determination and particle microstructure image analysis. Fourth, the accelerated process of global economic integration, as well as changes in industrial structure inChina's accession to the WTO, making the re-emergence of the processing industry inChina, for the world market product requires advanced processing technology support for micro metal powder technology. It provides an unprecedented historical opportunity for its research and development. Ultrafine metal powder technology is perfect from the following aspects: first, the lack of a series of standards to regulate the healthy development of the technology, technology exchange and promotion of difficulties; even misunderstandings and misleading commercial, such as noon. As the concept of the length of the quantifier, the proliferation of ultra-fine as adjectives exaggerated. Second, basic research and application development easy out of touch, ultra-fine metal powder application development is lagging behind the development of preparation technology should be market-driven rather than scientifically oriented. To carry out the thematic international academic exchange activities to promote the reasonable and legitimate digestion and absorption capacity ism, avoid duplication of effort in research to accelerate scientific and technological progress. Fourth, the formation of the ultrafine metal powder technology is a gradual process, it is the joint efforts of staff from different disciplines. Academics to get involved here need to lay a solid foundation in superfine powder technology-related disciplines, a rigorous scientific approach to increase the contribution of interdisciplinary technology of ultra-fine powder. Review the history of the development of metal powder coatings, metal powder coatings production in 1999 over 85,000 tons of production in Asia in the first place in the world after theUnited States,Italywas third. China not only yield a significant increase, and the variety of powder coatings has also increased, the original just to stay in a single species of the metal coating, hybrid powder coating also occupy an important position. There has been a considerable progress in the metal powder coating equipment. The nickel powder coating equipment manufacturer ofYantai,Shandong inChina pay great efforts in importing equipments. They have reformation on the current milling equipment and it has reached the top level in international market. The equipment is inexpensive. Each of them only costs 200,000 RMB. The price is one twentieth of similar equipments. Source:
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