can you use a heat gun to cure powder coating?

by:ZHENHUA     2020-09-01
Powder coating is an alternative to painting where powder, pigment particles are given electrostatic charges and sprayed on ground articles using special guns;
Then cure the powder with heat.
The two main powders used in powder coatings are Thermoplastic powder and thermosolid powder.
The Thermoplastic powder can be melted when re-heated, and the Thermoplastic powder cannot be melted again once cured.
In traditional wet painting, the coating is \"cured\" when the liquid part of the paint evaporates \".
Because there is no liquid in the powder coating, it is considered a dry coating.
Powder coatings are also known as electrostatic powder coatings and non-powder coatings for these reasons
Solvent painting.
The curing process of the powder coating is usually done in a special oven;
The coating must be exposed to a temperature range of 350 to 400 degrees F (
160 to 210 degrees Celsius)for 20 minutes.
When melting a more common hot solid powder, it is chemically combined to form a hard, permanent paint layer.
The thermoplastic powders Harden, but if heated again, they become plastic-able and Harden only when cooled.
In order to cure the powder coating, the powder and the base must reach the desired temperature and remain there for the specified time without any temperature fluctuation.
Therefore, the best way to cure the powder coating is to use a curing oven.
However, it also works as long as you are not going to use the kitchen oven again to cook the food.
The toaster oven is also good for small items.
While some may choose to use a hot gun to melt the powder in order to remain in place when the item is transferred to the oven, the hot gun cannot produce the necessary stability, all-
Includes the temperature required to cure the powder coating.
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