Burnley-based bakeware supplier, George Wilkinson

by:ZHENHUA     2020-06-24
Manufactured in the UK, the amazing new GlideX non stick coating is bonded directly onto your bakeware to ensure it keeps performing like new every time. This new innovative new coating is scratch resistant flake-resistant and virtually indestructible. George Wilkinson has developed this new coating exclusively within the UK and began testing it last year on the Great British Bakeware range. Rigorously tested by independent laboratories and consumers, the GlideX technology out performed all other non-stick brands and was so well received by consumers who were using the Great British Bakeware range that we decided to name it and apply it across all items within the collection. Whatever you're baking or roasting food will keep gliding off time and time again. Best of all, it needs a simple rinse to clean, there's no scrubbing required. Choosing a good non-stick bakeware set for your kitchen Choosing the best bakeware set available can be confusing. It's easy to assume that one baking sheet, one rectangular baking pan and one deep dish are all you need to keep you kitchen well stocked. That is the difference between seasoned and amateur. Most masters learn by trial and error, which pieces were best and which to never waste another pound on. The saying 'if I knew then what I know now', really applies to investing in baking equipment. Investing in the cheapest baking supplies might be a tempting thing to do, but think about this - if you spend 3 pounds on a baking sheet and its needs replacing every few months that's 18 pounds a year. If you are a regular baker, it would make much more sense for you to invest in the highest quality baking equipment that will last for many years. The bottom line is - picking out the perfect baking equipment isn't an exact science. You must consider how often you bake, what you will be baking, what type of oven you have and how you plan to clean it. Non stick bakeware advantages There are numerous benefits to using non stick bakeware particularly because of food nutrition. Non stick baking equipment eliminates the need to use cooking oils or grease, hence eliminating fats in home baking. Non stick bakeware is also more durable because it can be stored for longer periods without aging and can withstand high and low temperatures easily. Whether you're planning to bake a delicious cake or roast a juicy joint of meat, you will find the perfect product in George Wilkinson's huge selection of bakeware and roasting tins. Baking supplies from George Wilkinson are extremely versatile and durable with non-stick coating for extremely easy release - safe for use with metal tools and the top of your stove. George Wilkinson's Great British Bakeware range has an innovative and exclusive long life coating.
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