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by:ZHENHUA     2020-05-16
To complement our selection of multi-system TVs, we have a range of region free DVD players which are guaranteed to play DVD's from any region of the world. Our product range is comprised of region free DVD players, region free blue ray players, region free home theatre systems and portable versions. You are guaranteed to find something from our selection to keep you entertained and our range of accessories will allow you to connect to any system you have. The Bombay Electronics range of small 220 volt power tools is a selection of domestic machines used for everyday activities that make our work and lives in the house easier and comfortable. Cleaning has never been so easy with our range of equipments and these include cleaning appliances such as vacuum cleaners, washers and dust busters. Our quality products range has an assortment of brands qualities that will fit anybody's requirements. Our range of cooking appliances has products such as coffee grinders, choppers, food processors, deep fryers, meat grinders, microwave ovens and juicers which all make cooking easier and fun. We also have a range of emergency lights which are necessary for those unexpected moments. They can help enhance security during power outages or when one is out camping or for road side emergencies. Bombay Electronics also stocks lots of fan types to keep you cool when it is sultry. Our wide range of high quality 220 volt home appliances, including the 220 volt power tools range, are guaranteed to light up your home and give it that complete atmosphere. From the multi system TV to the region free DVD players, we have what is takes when it comes to home entertainment and day to day living. When it comes to functional appliances we at Bombay Electronics have an appliance for just about each task.
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