Besides the strength and skills of the anticipants

by:ZHENHUA     2020-06-17
The ability to resist water and to dissipate heat produced by the body in the same time is hard to be obtained. Luckily, the sweat produced by human body is water vapor of single molecule state, while the rain and snow is liquid water drops in the state of aggregation. Volume of these two kinds of water differs a lot. Besides, liquid water has a characteristic called surface tension which is the characteristic to aggregate itself in volume. If you mix a drop of detergent with a water drop, the water drop will scatter flatly immediately because the detergent can lower its surface tension. Sportswear of waterproof ability and water vapor permeability perfectly makes use of this characteristic of water, surface tension. It applies PTFE (same chemical component but different physical structure with Polytetrafluor ethylene, Teflon film, best corrosion resistance coating on the surface of the fabric to increase the surface tension of the fabric in order that the water drops keep themselves together instead of scattering and infiltrating into the surface. In this way, water drops will not be able to go through the clothes. Meanwhile, this PTFE coating is porous so the water vapor of single molecule state can successfully go through the tiny holes in the fabric and be dissipated to the surface of the clothes. After large amount of movement, if we stop to rest in the wild, there may be water drops inside our clothes since it's cold outside and the sweat cannot be dissipated in time. It will make us feel not so comfortable. There is a kind of film of polyurethane (PU) and nano-ceramic powder which can be coated on the surface of the fabric so to absorb the sweat vapor when we are sweating. This coating will avoid the water vapor inside the clothes from turning into water drops because the water vapor has surpassed the saturated vapor pressure. Besides this characteristic, PTFE has other special functions. For example, since PTFE has low-loss and small dielectric constant, Ptfe film has become the perfect insulation material to make capacitors, insulated cables and transformers. Ptfe film is also one of the indispensible materials of making electronic components in aviation and space industry, etc. Many characteristics of PTFE make PTFE be widely applied in so many fields like chemical engineering, petroleum, medicine, electronics and machinery.
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