Because of its unique color of silver gray, titanium

by:ZHENHUA     2020-06-11
As for the design styles, simple and clean cut, high- profile design and low-profile avant-garde style, are greatly respected by young white-collar. But titanium has a high requirement in processing technology; it's difficult to cast molding with common equipment, it's also difficult to weld together if using the common tools, so cannot form certain scale of production Titanium has an interesting feature, and you won't find that in any other metals, its surface has variety of color change. Dip the titanium into the electrolyte, and let by current for some time, its surface will convert to a layer of oxide film; the color change is subject to the thickness degree of the oxide film (This is caused by the refraction of light). It doesn't require additional elements, in theory, titanium can create color spectrum. Electrochromic oxide film is much harder than titanium; it won't discolor like coating or dyes, it has higher hardness and stronger bonding force than electroplate. Variety of color change brings an alternative style to titanium wholesale jewelry design, and make the jewelry has a great space for color changes. Jewelry designers can use jewelry as canvas, use the unique changeful color of titanium as palette, and design a most dazzling and colorful personality of fashion jewelry. Titanium Jewelry is harder than other jewelry made of precious metal; it can prevent scratches, and won't discolor like gold and platinum. Titanium will not bring about allergy, if you are allergic to wear other jewelry, you can choose titanium jewelry,like Titanium ring.
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