Be careful if cleaning by water

by:ZHENHUA     2020-06-14
Many people prefer to use tissues or glasses cloth dampened with water to wipe the LCD screen. This is not wrong, but pays attention to prevent the water from dropping into the gap of the border, especially during the winter, when the water is easier to condensation, resulting in the breakdown. Sometimes, there will be water stain left on the screen after wiping. This is caused by the impurities in the water, which may corrode the screen. Thus we are suggesting the pure water with the cleaning. Normally, it's sufficient for us to use the clean glasses cloth to flip the dust on the screen. If insisted on water, then try to wring the cloth. The oil stain requires detergent Oil can't be cleaned by water. Owing to the grease insoluble in water, the situation will be worse if wiped with water. So we need professional cleaners to clean it. The detergent is mainly composed of dispersant, which is soluble both in water and in lipids, and also volatile. Generally, there will be a special cloth or non-woven fabrics matched with the cleaning. Be careful while using alcohol Some friends would like to clean electronic equipment with alcohol. Truly, alcohol is effective as a disinfectant and performs well to clean the oil. However, remember not to use it cleaning the display. There's a unique coating on the LCD screen. Hence the effect of the show will be discounted if it's regularly cleaned by organic solvents. Don't push too hard while wiping Be careful of the force while wiping the LCD screen and don't rub the stain with considerable force repeatedly. You'd better clean it in a circle track with moderate strength. In addition, pay attention to fold the cloth during the process frequently to uncover the latest side all the time in order to take away the dust and dirt on the screen in time and avoid the dust scratching the screen. Using the protective film is also a kind of maintenance Similar with the protective film of cell phones, Laptop screen protector is more functional (including protection from radiation, glare, peeping and so on). Of course, its basic function is still anti-dust and anti-scratch. Therefore, if needed, it's very necessary to paste an anti-radiation protective film.
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