auction bids surpass $1,700 for paper cup allegedly used by elvis presley

by:ZHENHUA     2020-04-03
TULSA, Okla. --
Sixty years ago, a paper cup used by Elvis Presley in the City of Oklahoma was about to be auctioned and the bid was over $1,700.
It is sold by Wade Jones, a North Carolina resident who is a collector of everything Elvis has.
He told the world of Tulsa, crumpled blueand-
In April 1956, Elvis Presley was caught by a fan after performing at the Tulsa amusement park.
Jones said the young female fan, named June, got the trophy back the day after the show, just before Elvis left the town to go to orrama for the show.
A letter accompanying the collector\'s belongings said that the cup was requested as a small souvenir in June.
\"On January 14, 1973, the world\'s first live satellite concert by a solo artist with the king as the protagonist was broadcast in Honolulu.
Cat King enterprise bidding-
On Friday afternoon, the yellow and flat paper cups on eBay cost more than $1,750.
The governor of Puerto Rico resigns \"you are bidding for an authentic dickcy cup, elvis Presley had a drink at the corner of 3rd and Boston from 10: 30 a. m. on April 19, 1956 on the list of Tulsa eBay with the words \"homer \".
Since 1956, with the storage of cups and boxes, the winning bidder will receive a pack of photos and newspaper clippings to record the excitement around Tulsa Elvis station.
The photos include a few pictures of Elvis holding a paper cup while talking to the media, but Jones says it\'s actually not the same cup that was auctioned.
Jones told Tulsa World that Elvis \"woke up the next morning and I think he had breakfast and went to buy clothes, and at that point the cup was taken . \".
The auction will end on Sunday night, Jones said.
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