As maintaining a healthy environment for pets

by:ZHENHUA     2020-06-24
Kennel cough is an upper respiratory viral infection that is caused by direct contact with a contaminated surface. As a consequence, dog kennel floors need regular cleaning. If, however, a floor's coating develops frayed edges or even microscratches, bacteria will be trapped no matter how frequently your floor is cleaned. Our Solution For Creating A Healthy Environment There are some solutions that will help you minimize infectious bacterial growth on dog kennel floors. Increased Elongation - By increasing the elongation in our polyurea, microscratches are minimized and scratched edges are straightened. When your dog kennel floor is cleaned, dirt, grime, and moisture that would otherwise cause bacteria are removed. A straight edge in a scratch will not trap bacteria as will happen in a frayed scratch in floor coatings having polyurea coatings with minimal elongation or epoxies. Cove Molding - We can install cove molding along edges and apply our polyurea coating to the top edge of the molding. This serves as a basin that prevents water from getting under walls or anywhere where moisture can be trapped. Our floors are seamless. Floor Drains - We are particularly careful with our floor-grinding system, maintaining a complete inventory of the most state-of-the-art equipment to handle every situation. We have the equipment and expertise to create smooth surfaces for water runoff and floor drain areas, allowing water to flow freely. Moisture Removal - As experts in surface preparation, we grind floors smooth, removing high spots where water can pool. This process makes your new coating easy to keep clean and allows water to be removed immediately. You will not need a mop that just pushes dirty water around and takes time to dry. Instead, all you need is a push broom followed by a neoprene squeegee (and possibly a wet/vac). The neoprene squeegee not only helps clean the surface but also immediately removes 99% of moisture, and any moisture that does remain dries quickly. Labor costs and downtime are minimized. Gloss Finish Improves Lighting - The high-gloss finish will brighten lighting, and minimal scratching and the lack of trapped dirt yield excellent lighting conditions for years. When lighting eventually decreases from excessive wear, your floor can be lightly sanded and recoated for a brand-new finish. Our polyurea coating allows your dog kennel floor to cure rapidly and be quickly restored to service, with only minimal downtime Marry the right flooring to the right part of your veterinary hospital and your entire practice will be perfectly in step. Install the wrong materials underfoot and the whole place will feel out of rhythm. If you make a flooring mistake, you can absolutely correct your error-but not until you've endured upheaval and grumbling staff members and clients, not to mention plenty of wasted money. So it's in your best interest to get your flooring right the first time.
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