Artisan Tea is a unique variety of brews that

by:ZHENHUA     2020-05-26
Production of wild tea may vary according to the type, but the production process can be summed up in three steps. These steps are: Shaqing, Rolling and Drying. Shaqing: In this step, the oxidation of the tea leaves is stopped and all the characteristics such as appearance, aroma and taste is preserved to get the best quality brew. At the end of this process, partial evaporation of moisture in green tea is done to easily roll the leaves. Quick heating is done to the leaves which also destroys the active enzymes. During this process, 30-40% moisture is lost which is performed manually or using the machine. Rolling: This is a common step performed in the production of the most categories of tea. To take the shape as final dry leaves as twisted, curled or flattened, hot or cold rolling is done. This is necessary to release the flavor of the brew to improve the number of times to steep it. Hot rolling is done when the leaves are still hot from the shaqing process and helps to get the desired shape. When these are significantly cool, these are rolled to get the required shape. Drying: It is the final step to produce artisan tea which is done by different ways. Among them four ways are mainly chosen which are steaming, baking, roasting and sun-drying. This process improves the taste and nature of the tea leaves and also reduces the moisture. Among different techniques, anyone can be chosen to get the finally prepared tea brew. The above three steps and different methods to prepare the brew are beneficial. As all the above steps don't require any toxic chemicals to prepare the drink, therefore, it is beneficial for all to drink this. After production of the wild tea, it is sold through the retailers, but whom you should choose to get the high quality tea which you need to have the delicate flavors? Nowadays, you don't need to search anywhere else for the retailer offering services of the organic teas, you can purchase these quickly through the web. Among several online retailers, choose the best one that offers reliable services. After selecting the retailer, you can choose different flavors and different organic teas that are beneficial for your health. Before selecting any of the flavor and tea, you must know about different kinds of teas available and what are their benefits. Choose high quality drink to get those health benefits at affordable prices.
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