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by:ZHENHUA     2020-06-13
Anti-glare coating, also known as AR coating, is especially practical when it comes to going hand in hand with high-index lenses. Once in the high of summer days when glare are strong and rampant, you will instantly feel the imposing omnipotence of these anti-glare coating in that it reflects more light than regular plastic lenses. Generally speaking, it is based on the principle that in order to have more light reflect from the surface of the lenses, you have to employ the propitious lens materials to obtain higher index of fraction. As a matter of fact, with the increasingly exquisite craftsmanship of lens material, today's modern eyeglasses manufacturers are in a position to produce a miscellaneous collection of lenses for anti-reflective function that can literally eliminate the reflection at every possible angle. It follows that anti-reflective eyeglasses have rescued many people with vision defect from the excruciating experience of wooziness. No wonder so many glasses wearers go mad after this particular kind of eyewear. If you think anti-glare coating eyeglasses are dull and drab, you are totally wrong. AR coating eyeglasses allow for a large variety of colored frames and novel designs for your taking. Most people who opt for anti-glare coating often wear prescription sunglasses. On these glasses, however, it is only applied to the back side of the lens to reduce reflections entering from the sides. The coating appears as a film on the darkened lens and is never applied to the front side of the lens. Nevertheless, increased clarity of vision is still achieved. And again, if you want to add momentum to your appearance and also save some money, you can have a share of some cheap glasses online. Enjoy the smooth visual experience to your heart's content.
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