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Application of vacuum coating technology in industry

Application of vacuum coating technology in industry


Vacuum coating technology in industrial applications includes: aerospace engines, semiconductors, memory storage, firearms weapons, iris face recognition, electronic components, automotive, 3C and electronics, photovoltaic photothermal thin film solar, medical devices, biomedical, flexible and flat panel displays Wait for a number of high-end areas.

Vacuum technology and industrial application as a technology-based sunrise technology involves a wide range of modern processing and emerging technologies with large economic benefits.

The surface engineering of the material is modified to have various high-end packaging functional film and decorative coating technology applications such as smash resistance, anti-corrosion, heat insulation, heat resistance, electrical conductivity, heat conduction, insulation, erosion resistance, oxidation resistance, friction reduction and lubrication.

In the field of industrial product manufacturing, traditional chemical plating processes are increasingly abandoned or reduced in use by the industry, and vacuum technology is being replaced.

Vacuum technology is a material engineering and surface modification in the vacuum physical environment. It belongs to the green environmental protection process. The industry is also strongly advocating the industry. The process is preferred. Vacuum technology has become a reality in place of most traditional surface treatment technologies. The application of vacuum technology is reflected in the sophisticated technology field and daily life. The pollution-free vacuum technology has become the most popular process choice in the world.

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