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Application of vacuum coating equipment in plastic products industry

Application of vacuum coating equipment in plastic products industry


Application of vacuum coating equipment in plastic products industry

With the continuous demand of market diversification, many companies need to purchase different machinery and equipment according to the technological process of their products. Take the vacuum coating industry as an example. If a machine can complete the process from pre-coating to post-coating, there is no need for manual intervention or conversion in the middle, so it is undoubtedly a sweet cake for enterprises. The realization of integrated multi-function on a single device has become a common demand of enterprises in the coating equipment industry.

Since the reform and opening up, the vacuum coating industry has made great progress and great progress. This is not only reflected in the substantial increase in output value and output, but also considerable achievements have been made in varieties, specifications and comprehensive technical levels, highlighting the development and application of high-tech, and promoting and driving the development and technology of the vacuum coating equipment industry upgrade.(PVD vacuum coating machine)

Vacuum coating machine is the most widely used plastic product. Plastic has the characteristics of easy forming, low cost, light weight and no corrosion. Plastic products are widely used, but their unsightly appearance, easy aging, poor mechanical properties, poor heat resistance, high water absorption and other shortcomings limit the expansion of their application range. Through the application of vacuum coating technology, the plastic surface is metalized, and the organic and inorganic materials are combined, which greatly improves the physical and chemical properties of the plastic.

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