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Application of Vacuum coating equipment

Application of Vacuum coating equipment


Application of Vacuum coating equipment

Vacuum coating equipment can coat films with excellent performance, such as DLC (diamond-like carbon) hard film, friction-resistant film, decorative film, anti-fingerprint film, functional film, etc., which can help our Customers' products stand out in their respective industry sectors. Which was widely application in automotive, lighting, aviation, solar energy, medical, tools and other industrial or consumer products.

vacuum coating machine

What characteristics of gemstones are mainly changed by "coating treatment"

   "Coating treatment" is mainly to improve the color and surface finish of gemstones, and enhance the luster of gemstones. Plating a colored film on the surface of the gemstone can directly improve or enhance the color of the gemstone. At the same time, the interference effect of the thin film layer can also make the gemstone produce beautiful colors. In addition, the film will also cover up defects such as pits, cracks and scratches on the surface of the gemstone to enhance the surface finish.

Which gem quality frequently uses "coating treatment"

   Many kinds of gemstones can be "coated" to improve their color or luster. Common ones include topaz, tanzanite, crystal, tourmaline, etc.

A layer of color film is plated on the surface of the crystal to make the crystal have a dazzling effect, so that it looks better, and the business will have a bigger hype gimmick.

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