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Application of Sputtering Coating Technology in Automobile Coated Glass(PVD sputtering coating machine)

Application of Sputtering Coating Technology in Automobile Coated Glass(PVD sputtering coating machine)


Application of Sputtering Coating Technology in Automobile Coated Glass

At present, in automobile coated glass, PVD sputtering coating machine technology is mainly used in automobile windshield glass. Automobile coated glass adopts PVD sputtering coating machine process to coat multiple nano-level metal films on the inner surface of the glass to make it effective The infrared rays that reflect sunlight can prevent heat from entering the car body, reducing the air conditioning load, while maintaining good light permeability, maintaining a clear view, and better solving the defects of filmed glass. In developed countries such as Europe and the United States, automotive sputtering coated glass has been used as a standard configuration for high-end cars. With the improvement of people's living standards in my country, automotive coated glass has been increasingly favored by automobile manufacturers and consumers.

PVD sputtering coating machine

Resistance evaporation method of evaporation coating machine

The evaporation system of the evaporation coating machine mainly refers to a part of the film forming device. There are many film forming devices in the coating machine, including resistance heating, electron gun evaporation, magnetron sputtering, radio frequency sputtering, ion plating and so on. I will introduce the two methods of resistance heating and electron gun evaporation, because I use them more. From the perspective of its structure and working principle, the resistance evaporation vacuum coating machine is currently the most widely used and the longest used evaporation method.

Its working method is to make the tungsten sheet into a boat shape, then install it between two electrodes, add medicinal materials in the center of the tungsten boat, and then slowly energize the electrodes. Electric current passes through the tungsten boat, and the tungsten boat is energized and heated. These low voltages and high currents cause the high melting point tungsten boat to generate heat, which is then heated and transferred to the coating material. When the heat of the tungsten boat is higher than the melting point of the coating material, the material sublimates or evaporates. This method has the advantages of convenient operation, simple structure, low cost, etc., and is adopted by many equipments. However, due to the low density of the evaporation film, and many materials cannot be evaporated in this way, there are certain limitations. When the tungsten boat evaporates the coating material, the melting point of the material must be lower than the melting point of the tungsten boat, otherwise there is no way.

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