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Application of PVD vacuum coating technology

Application of PVD vacuum coating technology


The vacuum coating machine has been widely used nowadays, it has begun to embellish our lives, and we can see the coating products  in our daily lives, and the pvd vacuum coating products even become inseparable with our life.

For example, the drying racks which used in China generally use the dip-plastic coating process, that is mean add a layer of film on the steel wire outer side to avoid rusting of the wire hanger, for increasing the hanger durability .In fact, this type hangers are not durable enough, the surface coating film will fall off soon, and revealing a rusty iron frame.Since the pvd vacuum coating machine go into our life, we have used the evaporation coating machine to coat the hanger body , and used multi-arc ion sputtering coating machine to coat the iron hook of the drying rack.The drying racks produced in this method are not only beautiful, but also colorful. The coated clothes racks are resistant to acid and alkali and oxidation.

In addition to hangers, the faucets and alloy window guards, etc also can be processed by PVD coating machine, and which can make products more durable than before.

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