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Application of PVD vacuum coating equipment in flat panel display industry

Application of PVD vacuum coating equipment in flat panel display industry


Application of PVD vacuum coating equipment in flat panel display industry


PVD vacuum coating equipment

The application of PVD vacuum coating equipment in the flat panel display industry mainly includes LCD (liquid crystal display), PDP (plasma display), OLED (organic light emitting diode display), etc., as well as TP (touch) display products developed on the basis of liquid crystal displays.


Coating is a basic link in the modern flat panel display industry. In order to ensure the uniformity of large-area coatings, increase productivity and reduce costs, almost all types of flat panel display devices use a large number of coating materials to form various functional films. Vacuum coatings are mainly sputtering targets, and many properties of flat panel displays, such as resolution and light transmittance, are closely related to the performance of sputtered films. The main varieties of sputtering targets for flat panel display coatings are: chromium targets, aluminum targets, molybdenum targets, copper targets, aluminum alloy targets, copper alloy targets, titanium targets, silicon targets, niobium targets and indium tin oxide (ITO) targets, etc. .


Flat panel displays have the characteristics of light weight, thin thickness, low radiation, low energy consumption, long life, and no flicker. They meet people's requirements for energy conservation, environmental protection, and lightness and portability, and have become the mainstream of the display industry. Especially thin film field effect crystal liquid crystal displays (TFT-LCDs) in liquid crystal displays are widely used in consumer electronics such as mobile phones, flat-screen TVs, notebook computers, and tablet computers because of their high contrast, excellent image quality, and fast response speed. The product is now the mainstream flat panel display product. In the production process of TFT-liquid crystal displays, sputtering targets are mainly used for the preparation of thin film transistors (TFT) and color filters (CF).


The flat panel display industry mainly uses PVD vacuum coating in the production of display panels and touch screen panels. Among them, in the production process of flat panel display panels, the glass substrate must be sputtered and coated multiple times to form ITO glass, and then coated, processed and assembled for the production of liquid crystal display panels, plasma display panels and organic light emitting diode display panels. In the production of touch screens, ITO glass needs to be processed, coated to form electrodes, and then assembled with protective screens and other components. In addition, in order to realize the functions of anti-reflection and anti-shadow of the flat panel display products, the coating of the corresponding film layer can also be added in the coating process.


At present, about 70% of materials in the upstream of my country's flat panel display industry chain are still dependent on imports, and many materials still cannot meet downstream demand3. Based on the consideration of product prices, localization of purchases and other factors, Chinese panel manufacturers have begun to selectively cooperate with outstanding loca PVD vacuum coating manufacturers, and hope to establish long-term partnerships, which provides favorable market conditions for the rapid development of PVD vacuum coating equipment products in my country , It is expected that the vacuum coating market will maintain a rapid growth trend in the next few years.


PVD vacuum coating machine

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