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Application of optical coating equipment in production

Application of optical coating equipment in production


Optical films are ubiquitous in our lives, from precision and optical equipment, display devices to optical film applications in everyday life; for example, glasses, digital cameras, household appliances, or security on banknotes Technology can be called an extension of optical film technology applications. If there is no optical film technology as the basis for development, modern optoelectronics, communication or laser technology will not be able to make progress, which also shows the importance of research and development of optical film technology.

Zhenhua Technology, as a professional coating equipment manufacturing and research and development, production, sales and service, to provide customers with precision coating equipment key enterprises, mainly to provide customers with precision optical coating equipment, high-grade plastic decorative film evaporation equipment, multi-arc Magnetic control coating equipment, continuous coating production line, lamp protection film equipment, PECVD winding coating equipment, magnetron winding coating equipment, DLC/HCD diamond coating equipment and vacuum plasma cleaning machines, etc. Level, widely used in optics, electronics, toys, building materials, hardware, watches, automobiles, civil accessories and other industries.

GX-1350A optical coating equipment can plate short-wavelength, long-wavelength, antireflection coating, reflective film, filter film, spectroscopic film, band pass film, dielectric film, high reflective film, color reflective film, etc. The film system can realize the film coating of 0-99 film, and can also meet the coating requirements of automotive reflective glass, telescope, spectacle lens, optical lens, cold glass and other products.

Different evaporation sources, electron guns and ion sources and film thickness gauges can be used to plate a variety of film systems. They can be vapor deposited on metals, oxides, compounds and other high-melting film materials, and can be super-hard coated on the glass surface.

GX2050 optical coating equipment is applied to anti-fingerprint glass and metal anti-fingerprint of touch panel. In addition to anti-fingerprint application, it can also be used for anti-rust, anti-fouling and nano-coating.

Anti-fouling film (AS), also known as waterproof film or anti-fingerprint (AF film), mainly deposits organic fluoride materials onto the substrate by vacuum coating technology, so that the surface of the substrate is waterproof, oil-proof, anti-fingerprint, Anti-pollution and other functions.

Equipment model GX2050

Size 2050X1300

Remarks The vacuum chamber size can be customized according to customer's products and special process requirements.

There are more than 60 kinds of optical coating materials commonly used, and their varieties and application functions are still being developed. Zhenhua will make unremitting efforts in new fields and work hard....

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