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Application of Magnetron Sputtering in Optical Film coating

In the past, optical films were generally realized by electron beam evaporation, so people thought that optical films must be obtained by electron beam evaporation coating, but in fact it is not the case. At the International Conference on Optical Thin Films in 2004, LEYBOLD , SHINCRON and ULVAC also introduced magnetron sputtering  optical coating equipment. A new idea and realization form of optical coating were put forward. Use Magnetron sputtering technology to coat optical films, which breaks through the bottleneck of low efficiency and uniformity of optical coating equipment. Magnetron sputtering can also use oxides to coating optical products which with dozens layers of film .

Along with the digital and automatic trend of industrial development,the vacuum coating market will be continuous expand,such as integrated blocks, displays and touch screens. More,even the chip resistors and capacitors are also need to use vacuum coating film technology.Those applications are just in electronics industry.Other industrys are also more and more wildly need vacuum coating film technology,such as 3C products,new energy,solar photovoltaic, battery and so on.

At present, most of the mobile phones’ glass cover are coated film via electron beam evaporation.But it is hard to achieve for the most of manufacturers because of its disadvantages:low production efficiency ,large equipment investment and films are difficult to master. Zhenhua have specialized in research and development for the above problems, and then GXZ1914 magnetron sputtering optical coating machine was come up,it’s operation stability is much better than traditional electron beam evaporation coating machine, in addition,it’s high efficiency and small investment.

Except for electronics industry,magnetron plating optical film equipment is used in many other industries, and there are also more and more decorative films use this coating method, such as high-end cosmetics brands:SK2,DIOR etc.

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