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Application of coating technology of vacuum coating equipment in industry

Application of coating technology of vacuum coating equipment in industry


Application of coating technology of vacuum coating equipment in industry

When it comes to vacuum coating machine coating, everyone is not unfamiliar. Because of its wide range of applications and closely related to our lives, there must be certain requirements in the market. Before electroplating, your object is coated with water, but there is a problem with water. Electroplating technology has been confused with everyone, that is, water pollution has a large pollution to the environment, and electroplating is not supported by the state. Later, we found that vacuum electroplating can also achieve the effect of water electroplating, so most customers in the market have changed the coating. method, using a vacuum coating machine for coating.

Using vacuum coating technology to replace traditional electroplating technology can not only save a lot of thin film materials, reduce energy consumption, but also eliminate environmental pollution caused by wet coating. Therefore, the vacuum coating process has been used abroad to replace the electroplating process. In the metallurgical industry, it is common to add aluminized protective coatings to steel and strip. In mechanical manufacturing, vacuum coating technology changes certain processing techniques and saves valuable raw materials. For example, aircraft turbine engine blades are not made of expensive high-temperature metals, but are made of cheap materials. After forming, vacuum coating is used on the blades. The surface is coated with a protective layer that is resistant to high temperature and corrosion. For example, in the automobile manufacturing industry, metallized parts of plastic products are used to replace various metal parts, which not only reduces the weight of the car, but also saves the consumption of fuel. Adding a TiN hard coating to metal tools can increase tool life by 3 to 6 times, thereby saving a lot of high-speed steel. Plastic films are made of metal films such as vacuum coating and aluminum plating, and then dyed, which can be used for industrial decorative films.

In recent years, glass coating for vacuum coaters in the construction industry has been very popular because it can not only beautify buildings, but also save energy, this is because glass coatings in reflective film can make houses in low latitude areas to avoid hot The sun directs indoors and saves the cost of air conditioning. The glass is coated with a filter film and a low-emissivity film, so that sunlight can enter, and infrared radiation as an indoor heat source cannot be radiated through the glass, and the purpose of heat preservation and energy saving can also be achieved in high latitude areas.

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