apple iphone x review: the future of iphone

by:ZHENHUA     2020-09-01
Note: This article was first published in November 9, 2017.
IPhone X is the most exciting iPhone since then. . .
The first iPhone.
Could be the mysterious \"x\" name (
Pronounced \"ten\"
This is the first new iPhone design we \'ve seen in three years, but when Tim Cook released it in September, I remember saying to myself, \"I need this phone \", I haven\'t said that for a long time.
IPhone X has a lot of first: it\'s the first iPhone with an OLED display, the first iPhone without a Home button, the first iPhone with a face ID, the first iPhone with a borderless all-screen design.
Is this enough to convince you that this is a phone you bought for $1,648 (
Or $1,888 for the 256 GB model)? Let\'s find out.
I have been using the iPhone as my main phone since 3GS.
There was only one screen size at the time and I was happy, but in the last few years I was moving back and forth between 4 screens. 7-inchand the 5. 5-
Inch Plus model, I have never really been satisfied.
The small monitor was OK when I got the first iPhone, but I now find the normal iPhone screen a bit small, but I also find the plus sign too big, can\'t Hold comfortably with one hand, I\'m always worried that I\'ll put it down when I try to stretch my finger to the screen (
Even if it can be achieved).
The iPhone X, however, is like baby bear\'s porridge, right between them. The bezel-
The less display is a little bit wider and higher than the iPhone 8, but a little narrower and shorter than the 8 Plus, and more comfortable to use and maintain. And the baffle-
Lessdisplay is the focus of the new iPhone, it is not the only shiny new thing on X-
Since the iPhone 6 is a new stainless steel phone, Apple has been replacing the aluminum frame
The steel band running around the side of the phone.
There is a sparkling chrome finish on our silver review unit that you can\'t help but notice while Space Gray X gets the DLC (
Diamonds like carbon)
The same reflective coating, but in a softer dark metallic gray.
The only downside to such a shiny finish is that it will undoubtedly be scratched and worn over time (
Think about the back of those early iPods).
Like 8 and 8 Plus, the back of the X is glass and can be charged wirelessly.
X also has double
Rear camera settings like 8 Plus, only this time the camera is vertically aligned instead of side alignedby-side.
According to Apple, the only reason for the change in direction is due to internal space constraints --
Obviously, the TrueDepth camera in front takes up a lot of space.
Powerbutton (
The official has reissued.
Named \"side button \")
A little longer on X than on 8 or 8 Plus.
It looks a bit like a volume rocker, but the whole thing is still a button.
With the removal of the home button, some of its features have been relocated here.
For example, you can now activate Apple Pay by pressing the side key long and Siri by pressing long.
To take a screenshot, you can press the side button and the volume boost button at the same time.
Once again, there is no headphone jack, but with many other handset makers no longer using it, it seems that Apple has always been right.
IPhone X is the first iPhone withan with an OLED display.
In general, OLED displays are lighter, thinner, more power-saving and have better contrast than LCD displays
While the OLED display of Google Pixel 2 XL is not all great, this is an obvious example.
The display on the IPhone X is made by Samsung, which makes some of the best mobile OLED displays, x\'s \"Super Retina HD\" OLED is as good as the Super AMOLED display on Samsung\'s own smartphone.
It is bright and sharp, not much in contrast to the deviation angle problem that plagues the Pixel 2 XL.
Also, Apple has customized the display for the iPhone X, so the color looks more natural and not as saturated as it is on Samsung smartphones.
The display itself is listed as 5. 8-
Inch with a resolution of 2,436x1,125 pixels (~458ppi)
But because it\'s high.
Aspect ratio, actually not so big.
The size of X is closer to 8 Plus than the iPhone 8, and if you watch the regular 16:9 aspect ratio content on it, there will be a large black bezel on both sides, so it looks about the same size as the a5 phone. inch display.
Tall displays take a little time to adapt, but you\'ll appreciate the extra screen real estate when you browse the Internet or use an app optimized for X.
This reminds me of Apple from 3. 5-
Inch 3: 2 aspect ratio iPhone 4, to 4-
Iphone5 16: 9 aspect ratio:
The display is a little higher but feels like the screen size has not increased significantly.
Like the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, X has Apple\'s true tone system that automatically adjusts the color temperature of the display according to ambient light.
Also, X has a 10-
Compared to the 4-channel light sensor
Channel unit in 8, which makes it more accurate when reading ambient light.
The display of X is also Dolby Vision and HDR10-
Authentication, which means you can watch HDRcontent on it.
Conveniently enough, Apple has just launched a bunch of HDR content on iTunes.
OK, let\'s talk about a bad thing about the display of X: thenotch.
I \'ve been using the iPhone X for a week and while I \'ve heard others say it won\'t bother them, I can\'t ignore it.
My home and lock screen, and most of the apps I use have a white background, so it\'s impossible for me not to notice a big gap at the top of the display.
I am also annoyed that the battery percentage is no longer displayed in the top right corner of the screen, because the gap will take away your precious notification space, so there is not enough space-
You have to turn on the control center to check your exact battery percentage.
There is no app optimized for the display of X, but using the automatic of iOS
Lay out the system and fill the entire screen, which usually disappears behind the gap (
The volume bar of Instagram is exactly where the gap is)
Or because of the unusual aspect ratio, it will be cut off on the side.
Other apps that don\'t fill the screen have huge black borders on the top and bottom (
Run effectively at 16: 9 aspect ratio)-
Google Maps, Uber and spotify are included.
When you use apps that should have been running in landscape mode, the problem becomes more serious, such as content apps such as Netflix, YouTube, and most games.
There is a gap at the top and you can still ignore it, but in landscape mode you now have a huge obstacle on the left side of the screen.
Watch full screen content on YouTube and you will either see a small video window with black bars around the display (
Please refer to the picture below)
, Or a full-screen view with a notch blur on the left side of the screen
Not very good.
Many games operate the same way, either you have a gap in hidden content or you have a window mode.
Now I understand that as more and more application developers specifically update their applications for X, these issues end up disappearing (
Although I guess a lot of developers won\'t be too happy to just write a specific version of their app for a phone on the market and have a big gap at the top)
But now it\'s a annoyance and it destroys my enjoyment of other amazing displays.
The IPhone X has the same stereo speaker settings as the 8 and 8 Plus, using a bottom launch speaker and a second speaker located at the top of the phone below the headset.
Like 8 and 8 Plus, the audio quality on X is surprisingly good with decent stereo separation and healthy bass.
Like 8 Plus, X also lacks 3.
5mm headphone jack.
Instead, you get a pair of lightning ears and lightning-to-3.
There are 5mm jack dongle in the box.
In addition to the OLED display, the biggest new features on the iPhone X are Face ID and TrueDepthcamera.
Everything on the IPhone X revolves around Face ID: this is the way you unlock your phone, the way you use Apple Pay, is Animoji (Animated emoji)
This is the whole reason why the display gap exists.
Apple is very confident about Face ID, and it completely removes the proven excellent Touch ID fingerprint scanner, rather than choosing a safer option to move it to the back of Samsung\'s phone.
It\'s a bold move, you know what they mean by putting all the eggs in one basket.
So does Face ID work? Yes. . .
To a large extent.
The technology behind Face ID uses IR lights, dot projectors, and IR cameras, collectively referred to as \"TrueDepthcamera\", all hidden in the gap at the top of the screen.
When the display is turned on-
Raise it to a wake-up state by pressing the side button, or double-click the display-
Turn on the IR light (
Because its infrared is obvious, so you can\'t see anything)
, If the aface is detected by the infrared camera, the dot projector flashes a pattern of 30,000 points.
The camera then takes a 2D photo that is converted into a mathematical depth model, sent to the security authentication chip and matched with the stored values.
It all happens in less than a second, and in theory it\'s as fast as Touch ID.
Because it uses an infrared camera, you don\'t even need ambient light to activate the Face ID-
You can do anything in the dark if you want.
You can even wear sunglasses as long as your sun makes the infrared pass.
Setting up Face ID is actually faster and simpler than setting up Touch ID.
The phone shows a round border on your face and you just have to move around until a series of lines around the circle turn green.
Do this twice and you\'re done.
Face ID works well in most cases.
Lift the phone and watch it and your screen is unlocked --
Represented by a small padlocklock animation.
A minor annoyance is that unlocking the display doesn\'t send you directly to the home screen like Touch ID
Instead, you have to slide up from the white line at the bottom of the display.
That being said, it\'s not perfect, and I \'ve come across a series of scenes in the past week that I\'m eager to Touch ID.
I usually have my phone sit on my desk and work, but with the iPhone X, I need to pick it up or move my face over to unlock it.
With Touch ID, I will put it on the table and unlock it with my fingers.
I\'m used to taking my iPhone out of my pocket with my thumb, so it\'s unlocked when I look at it.
However, X needs to pull it out and then look at it and slide up to get to the home screen, which is a little longer than usual.
I have a bad habit of checking my phone all night, but I usually sleep by my side and unlike Touch ID, Face ID doesn\'t work in landscape mode (or upside down).
Also, according to Apple, Face ID works best at 25 to 50 centimeters, so if I\'m in bed and I want to unlock X, I have to roll to my back, then raise the phone in the air on my face and let it unlock.
Not surprisingly, after the first few nights of this, I started to get Face IDfail and then enter my pincode.
When it comes to unlocking X at night, contrary to what you might think ,(
Except when I was lying in bed)
In fact, I found the facial ID more accurate in the dark.
This actually makes sense because the infrared projector can easily illuminate your face in the dark, but if you stand under the bright fluorescent light, even in direct sunlight (
It has its own infrared beam inside.
This light will interfere with the infrared camera of X.
Several times the Face ID failed to unlock for me was in the bright sun when I was standing next to the neon sign display.
Face ID is enough to replace Touch ID with all factors (
According to Apple, it\'s actually more secure --
Unless you have the same twin)
But not perfect.
It also requires some habits and you will definitely change some habits.
Over the past week, I \'ve shown a dozen people the Animoji feature of Apple, and when asked what they think about it, people\'s reaction is polarized: either\"
Or \"stupid \".
Personally, I can appreciate Animoji\'s technology (
It\'s basically like you have a small Xbox Kinectin on your phone and it\'s amazing when you see how big the original Kinect was)
But this novelty has not caught my attention for a long time.
The most impressive thing about how good it is to keep track of your eyes and facial expressions.
It syncs perfectly with the animation, and even captures tiny nuances very well.
If you do like Animojis, it is worth noting that while Animojis are only available locally in iMessage, you can send them as videos by saving them as MOV files
X runs on iOS 11 like 8 and 8 Plus but there are some tweaks --
Mainly navigation.
To accommodate the situation without the home button.
At the bottom of each app you will see a white line.
Swipe up from the row to return to the home page, or swipe left or right along the row to switch between apps.
To turn on the control center, you need to slide down from the top right corner of the display.
To open the notification pane, slide down from the top left corner.
To launch the app switcher, swipe up from the bottom of the screen and then press with 3D touch hard.
Activate the reachable mode, which pulls the top of the screen down to make
Easier to use, you have to slide down at the bottom edge of the display.
I find this a bit inconsistent as the area you can slide down seems to be small.
In addition to these changes, X\'s UI is basically the same as what you get from 8 and 8 Plus. For a more in-
Check out our iPhone 8 reviews and these articles: like iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, iPhone X uses Apple\'s snewa11 bionic processor
Two performance cores 25% faster than the A10 core chips and four high
The company says the core of efficiency is 70% faster than the old model.
And a new Apple.
The designed GPU is 30% faster and performs the same as the A10, but consumes only half of the power.
Like 8 Plus, the iPhone X has 3gb of RAM.
While it doesn\'t sound like much compared to the 6gb or even 8gb RAM we started seeing on Android phones, smartphones do not need that much RAM.
I mentioned this in my iPhone 8 review, but it\'s worth repeating here: Unlike a PC that opens a lot of browser tags that can seriously slow down the speed of the computer, iOS and Android have automatic memory management to uninstall inactive tags from active RAM usage.
Although you can separate
On most smartphones, screen multitasking is usually limited to only two aspectsby-
Side window that limits the amount of RAM you need.
Mobile games also tend to be optimized to require only 1 or 2gb of RAM, which is why we don\'t see a big improvement in the performance of phones with a lot of RAM like 8gb one plus 5
SunSpider JavaScript measures the browsing performance of the device while processing JavaScript.
It not only takes into account the underlying hardware performance, but also evaluates the high performance of a specific platform in providing
Browse the web experience quickly.
Apple has been doing very well on this benchmark because the Safari of the Apple processor is optimized very well, and this trend continues with the development of X.
Apple is still the only manufacturer on record.
This benchmark has 150 MS!
In terms of the actual user experience, the Web browsing experience on X is lightning fast, smooth and lagging --free.
Antu is fullin-
A benchmark for TestsCPU, GPU, memory, and storage.
CPU benchmark evaluates integers and floats-
Point performance, GPU testing evaluates 2D and 3D performance, memory testing measures available memory bandwidth and latency, and storage testing measures the read and write speed of the device\'s flash memory.
Surprisingly, although the specifications of the operation are basically the same, the score of X is slightly higher than that of 8 Plus.
The A11 may actually be built with X in mind, so a slightly better optimization of it or iOS 11 is made. 1 (
On which X is running)
Compared with iOS 11, the performance is slightly improved (
8 Plus currently running).
When iOS 11.
We will provide 1 update for 8 Plus
Test it and see if its score will change.
Both 8 Plus and X are far ahead of all of our Android devices.
Basemark OS II is anall-in-
A benchmarking tool that measures overall performance through a comprehensive range of tests, including system, internal and external memory, graphics, web browsing, and CPU consumption.
Here we see the X pull before 8 Plus.
Android devices are once again close to Apple\'s score.
3D mark Sling Shot is an advanced 3D graphics benchmark that tests all the features of OpenGL ES 3.
0 API features including multiple render targets, instantiated renders, unified buffers, and conversion feedback.
The test also includes impressive volume lighting and after
Processing effect.
We run this benchmark in unlimited mode, which ignores the screen resolution.
X again dominated this benchmark and again posted a slightly better score than 8 Plus.
Gfxdraw Manhattan is a complex OpenGL ES 3. 0-
Test based on usessa delay coloring graphic pipeline.
Benchmark uses multiple render targets (MRTS)
Diffuse light and mirror light are calculated for more than 60 lamps.
The test also has cube map reflection and emission, three-plane map, instance grid rendering and Theora-
Video playback system based on asynchronous texture stream.
To eliminate the difference in screen resolution, we are running this test in out-of-screen mode of 1080 p.
As we can see in Basemark OS II, X again scored significantly higher than 8 Plus, which made me wonder if Apple actually built A11 considering X\'s architecture.
As usual, no Android device is even close to X.
IPhone X has dual rear camera system like 8 Plus, only this time, both have 12-
The Million pixel camera has OIS. The wide-
The angle lens is the same f/1.
You can find 8 lenses on 8 Plus, but the telephoto lens is the upgraded f/2. 4 shooter (
8 Plus has an f/2.
Telephoto lens).
The good thing about the optical stability of these two lenses is that it doesn\'t hurt to shoot now in zoom mode.
Like 8 Plus, you can get portrait mode and portrait lighting.
Another benefit of the TrueDepth camera on the IPhone X is that the front camera now also supports portrait mode and portrait lighting.
The image quality of X is very good, the color is natural, the contrast is good, and the image details are clear. Both the wide-
Although I personally don\'t see any difference between it and the 8 Plus, the angle and the telephoto lens have produced excellent results.
Please look forward to a complete-
IPhone X\'s deep camera review and its comparison with competitorscoming soon!
We have the following parameters for the standard battery test for the phone: the iPhone X is actually the largest battery in three 2017 iPhones with a capacity of 2,716 mAh.
Although the OLED display is larger and more resolution, it also has higher energy efficiency.
Still, X is not as long as 8 Plus in our battery life benchmark, although it is still very good and runs for 12 and a half hours.
It\'s nearly two hours longer than the iPhone 8.
So given its larger battery and more energy efficient display, why is the duration of X no more than 8 Plus?
Apple\'s batteries are actually relatively small compared to Android competitors, but they perform very well even if they are smaller.
This proves the energy efficiency of the Apple processor and the optimization of the iphone\'s operation.
A11 and iOS may have been well optimized, and even with the addition of OLED screens, it is not possible to squeeze extra battery life out of the iphone X.
Other possible reasons are the TrueDepth camera.
Although Face ID is not always on, it seems to always open when the screen is in use --
Even if you\'re just watching the video from our battery benchmark.
I suspect this is the main reason why the iPhone X can\'t last 8 Plus.
Like the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, the iPhone X supports wireless charging.
Apple also informed me that in the upcoming software update, wireless fast charging will be enabled soon for all three phones.
IPhone X is the iPhone we have been waiting.
After three years of basically the same design, Xfinally has finally achieved ambitious goals
The challenge of the iPhone.
But like many people
This is not a generation of hardware without defects.
The Face ID works but it\'s not fine
Perfect tuning of Touch ID;
The new Super Retina HD Display looks beautiful, but it\'s broken by that notch.
If you keep holding the iPhone 6 and wait for \"next big thing\" that\'s it, but for others I don\'t think you should worry about missing it.
The only feature you really miss compared to the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus is Animojiand, and higher displays are usually shortened due to unoptimized applications.
There are also prices for new things: the iPhone X is very expensive.
This price is not important for many people.
It\'s worth having the latest and greatest iPhone.
This price seems ridiculous for others.
If you\'re on the fence and you\'re not sure if you want to pay that much for X, you probably shouldn\'t.
Stick to any iPhone you already have, or choose 8 or 8 Plus, they basically have most of the same features at a more reasonable price.
You can wait for Apple\'s fine during this period
Adjust the Face ID and figure out how to cram all these TrueDepth camera sensors into a smaller package.
Remember the first iPhone, the first iPad, the first MacBook Air, the first Apple Watch?
They were all hopeful, but the original product was not perfect.
Fortunately, Apple is the best in improving design and product improvement, and today these product lines are top notch.
IPhone X is the first
New iphone series.
Not one-time;
Finally, alliPhones will look like this.
Unless Animojiis is a feature you absolutely have to have now, it\'s worth waiting for Apple to perfect it.
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