anticorrosion of lsaw and ssaw steel pipe

by:ZHENHUA     2020-03-23
Anti-corrosion of steel pipes refers to the coating treatment technology of pipelines to effectively prevent or slow down pipelines (
Straight pipe joint, spiral pipe)
Chemical or electro-chemical corrosion reactions during transportation and use.
The external corrosion protection of steel pipes mainly includes ipn87 10 anti-corrosion and single epoxy powder coating (FBE)
Double epoxy powder coating (2FBE), double-
Polyethylene coating (2PE), double-
Polypropylene coating (2PP)
Three polyethylene coating (3PE)
Anti-corrosion of three polypropylene (3PP)
The above anti-corrosion method has good corrosion resistance, anti-mechanical damage ability and long service life, and can effectively solve the pipeline corrosion problem in complex areas such as City, Highland, swamp, ocean and river.
Ipn87 10 anti-corrosion: when there are too many types of corrosion media in LSAW or SSAW steel pipes, such as acid, alkali, salt, oxidation agent and water vapor.
The coating must be chemically inert, acid salt corrosion, the coating should be dense structure, with good permeability, strong adhesion and tough fullness.
It is applicable to such cases of anti-corrosion of ipn87 10.
Ipn87 10 anti-corrosion primer: made of polyurethane polyethylene, modified epoxy, non-toxic anti-
Rust pigments, additives and other components, solidified at room temperature to form a network structure of mutual penetration, dense film, excellent acid resistance, alkali, salt, rust performance, strong adhesion, and used for anti-corrosion primer coating on the inner wall of the water supply pipeline.
Made of epoxy, rubber, resin-modified, non-toxic anti-
Rust pigments, additives and other ingredients.
Resistant to chemicals, nontoxic, anti-
It is used for microbial erosion and corrosion prevention of wall finish of water supply pipeline.
3PP/3PE steel pipe coating: Three-layer PE anti-
Corrosion structure of LSAW or SSAW steel pipe: First layer epoxy powder (
FBE greater than 100 m)
Second layer adhesive (AD)
The third layer of polyethylene is 170 ~ 250 m (PE)
/Polypropylene (PP)2. 5 ~ 3.
7mm, the integration of the three materials, and form a strong combination with the steel pipe, forming an excellent corrosion layer.
The diameter range is 159 ~ 1220, 3PE, suitable for 70 ℃ of pipeline operating temperature;
It is suitable for 3PP of pipe operating temperature> 70 ℃.
2PE steel pipe coating: two layers of PE corrosion structure, the first layer of bonding (AD)
Second layer polyethylene (PE)
, Two integrated materials, each layer is the same thickness as the 3PE layer.
FBE pipe coating: Prevention
LSAW or thickness is 300 ~ Corrosion epoxy powder of 500 m, used for underground or underwater pipes, its working temperature is-30 ~ 100.
FBE epoxy powder preservatives perform SY/t03 15-
1997 Technical Standard for FBE outer coated steel pipes 2PE/3PE anti-corrosion implementation SY/T0413-2002 (test)
Surface corrosion standard of \"technical standard for polyethylene outer coating of buried steel pipeline\": sand on the outer surface of pipeline-
GB/T8923 blasting-
1988 requires a height of up to Sa2 1/2, and the depth of the anchor pattern on the surface of the pipe is 40-100μm.
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