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Analysis of the structure and performance of optical vacuum coating equipment

Analysis of the structure and performance of optical vacuum coating equipment


Analysis of the structure and performance of optical vacuum coating equipment



Analyze the problems existing in the use of the existing optical vacuum coating machine comparative film mechanism. According to the development trend of modern optical vacuum coating machine and the problems that need to be solved urgently in the actual production, through various research and analysis, optimize the design of a new generation of coating machine to compare the structure of the film, and solve the problems affecting the quality of optical thin films and ultra-multi-layer precision optical thin film coating. In order to improve the monitoring accuracy of the film, realize the automatic control of the system, improve the production efficiency of the optical vacuum coating machine, and reduce the production cost. Make the structure configuration and use effect of the modern optical vacuum coating machine to achieve the best.

Since the 1980s, the global optoelectronic science and technology has developed and progressed rapidly. my country's research and development of optical vacuum coating machine equipment has also developed rapidly on the basis of introduction, digestion and absorption. In the past two decades, my country has gradually become the processing base of global optical products. As the key process of optical products, it is also the last process-coating, and the requirements are getting higher and higher. The performance and configuration of vacuum coating machines must also be strengthened and improved. Problems such as equipment quality, improvement of equipment performance, and improvement of production efficiency appear, which involve the transformation, design and development of such equipment, and require relevant technical personnel to solve.

The comparison mechanism of the vacuum coating machine is an indispensable key component of this type of equipment. The high-end equipment has higher and higher requirements for the comparison mechanism. The vacuum technology network believes that it has an important role in the detection and production efficiency of the multi-layer coating. irreplaceable role. The following is a comparative analysis of the problems in the use of the vacuum coating machine comparative film mechanism, as well as the structure after optimization and innovative design.

Domestic low-end vacuum coating machines, from the beginning of development to about 10 years, mostly still use this comparative film structure, as shown in Figure 1. This comparison piece transposition mechanism usually consists of 6 independent comparison pieces with a diameter of Φ22mm, as shown in Figure 1(b). The mechanism is mainly composed of a tray 16, three support rods 110 and a comparison plate 18, as shown in Figure 1(a), the three support rods 110 play a role of fixing and supporting the tray 16, and the comparison plate 18 is close to the tray 16. The motion input of the gear meshing handle rotates the paddle, and the combination of the three completes the shift of the paddle. Since the diameter of the vacuum chamber of the general coating machine is not large, the diameter of the entire mechanism (Φ124mm) is relatively large, resulting in a relatively small area of plated workpieces that can be loaded on the workpiece plate, and the mechanism can only place 6 comparisons Sheet 13, which directly affects production efficiency.

The structure is characterized by simple structure, convenient processing and manufacturing, and convenient installation and implementation. Disadvantages: The diameter and area of the structure are relatively large, which affects the number of loaded workpieces; the number of parity tablets placed is small, which reduces the production efficiency; the strength and rigidity are limited, and because the structure is completely exposed in the vacuum chamber, the impact of high temperature sputtering abrasives in the vacuum chamber, The rotation stability and flexibility are general, the consistency error of the repeated transmission position is large, and the cleaning and maintenance are frequent.

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