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an Australia customer visited Guangdong ZHENHUA

an Australia customer visited Guangdong ZHENHUA


Today an Australia customer visited Guangdong ZHENHUA Technology CO., LTD. He focused on our Evaporation Coating Machine, because he glass producer in Australia, and he wanted the glass inside or outside vacuum coating into Aluminum.  Item outside vacuum is very common for this industry, but inside coating is more sophisticate. Our engineer showed him our technique drawing and technique video, demonstrated that we used vertical fixture for inside coating, all the glass covered the tungsten upside-down, and used the jigs to cover the outside of the glass to prevent outside from metalizing.  And the customer is very satisfied with our solutions and ready to place orders.


He was astonished by our modern processing for huge vacuum chamber when he visited our CNC workshop, with 8X3X3meter CNC equipments.  All huge hardwares are produced in our factory with high precision, so the quality was convinced.

To expand his business, he required us to offer him the projects for robot-feeding system for installation for his glass item in the vacuum chamber.  Our engineer continued to  design the auto programming adapting to his robot-feeding system, and he was satisfied.


AI (Artificial Intelligence ) is forever the hot-topic in Australia, our customer mentioned many time about it, because Australia is country full of natural resource but with less population, so the labor cost is very high, and all the labor-intensive job is replacing by robots, and he has been purchasing robots production lines in CHINA.   

   ZHENHUA beautiful garden-like production area impressed him mostly, and high efficiency on-site manufacturing , with so many models, integrated designs, convinced him to place more orders in the future.   

   Besides of evaporation coating machine, we also offer magnetic control sputtering coating machine for stainless steel,glass,ceramics, etc, Optical coating machine, Continuously coating line, etc. Which can meet most customer’s satisfaction.

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