All these below mentioned pharmaceutical machineries

by:ZHENHUA     2020-06-12
Technology has advanced and is still in the process of advancement. Simple examples of it are the availability of the well designed pharmaceutical machineries such as the pellet machine and the high shear mixer. After a lot of hard work and research the professionals have finally delivered these hot commodities that find its utility in the advancing sector of science i.e. biotechnology. Targeted at the biotech and the pharmacy sector the introduction of high shear mixer is to reduce the risk of contamination. This pharmaceutical machine has the potential to mix several kinds of powder uniformly and is integrated with a multi-safety interlock system that takes proper care of the sealing of the machine. Similarly the pellet machine is equipped with a rotatable matrix disc, adjustable pressing rollers, a drive, a bearing block, etc. For carrying out the process of extraction you can use the simple extraction machine that is widely used for most of the purposes as it can be applied over variety of products. With a simple construction this extraction machine occupies less space. The extraction temperature being automatically controlled, it can also operate under a normal atmosphere. A fluid bed dryer is a pharmaceutical machine that finds its use in three major sectors - chemical, food and pharmaceutical. Its main purpose is to crush the in feeding material into a desirable size. It acts much faster than a conventional oven and is uniquely designed to get associated with certain other devices such as the cone mill, super mixer, lifting device etc. Similarly the coating machine is used in the process of tablet film coating, sugar coating, control released coating and many more. This single machine can perform multiple functions. It is integrated with a multi-safety interlock system, auto dampers, touch screen interface control system, etc. Primus Pharma, makers of the now infamous OxyContin, told the public in 2001 and for several subsequent years, that OxyContin had a lower risk of abuse and addiction than other prescription painkillers. The drug took the country by storm and, unfortunately, the users of the drug did the same with hospital ERs, drug detox and rehab centers, and morgues. Primus lied, some people died, and many had their lives ruined. OxyContin addiction and abuse became almost epidemic and Primus was fined $634.5 million earlier this year for their misdeeds. Now Alpharma is developing a synthetic morphine capsule they hope will fulfill the OxyContin promise. But how much of the abuse and addiction problem will it really resolve? The story behind Primus's claim that OxyContin addiction and abuse was less likely than with other opiate painkillers was based on the drug's time-release formulation. In fact, the FDA did allow Primus Pharma to state that the time release of a narcotic like OxyContin 'is believed to reduce' its potential to be abused. But Primus sales reps, with the permission of Primus, took it several steps further - they told doctors that 'believed to reduce' is more than just theory and, according to federal officials, even drew their own fake scientific charts and distributed them to doctors to support the claim. There were two basic problems with their claim: first, OxyContin addiction or, at the very least, dependency, is going to occur if you take it for even a relatively short period of time and even when taken as directed. The time release functionality has absolutely nothing to do with it.
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