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After the PVD vacuum coating equipment is degreasing

After the PVD vacuum coating equipment is degreasing


After the PVD vacuum coating equipment is degreasing, it can be treated with acid or alkaline etching to remove the oxides on the metal surface. After the heat treatment, the equipment parts are no longer oily, and can be directly treated with acid/alkali etching to remove the oxide layer pollution left after vacuum annealing.

PVD vacuum coating equipment

When the vacuum coating machine is working, it needs to be vacuumed to make the vacuum chamber in a vacuum state before coating; after coating is completed, the vacuum chamber needs to be inflated. In the prior art, the air-filling pipe of the vacuum coating machine is directly connected to the outside, and it is easy to bring the dust in the outside air into the vacuum chamber, resulting in the adsorption of dust on the lens, resulting in poor products. The vacuum evaporation of the metal film is under high vacuum conditions. Resistance, high-frequency or electronic heating causes the metal to melt and vaporize and adhere to the surface of the film substrate to form a composite film. Among them, aluminum is the most used metal-plated material, and a very thin layer is plated on the surface of plastic film or paper. Metal aluminum becomes aluminized thin or aluminized paper. The vacuum conditions are strictly limited during the production of aluminized films. Too high or too low vacuum will affect the performance of the coating. At present, the coating machine used in the factory is not The control of the vacuum degree is not very stable, resulting in the performance of the product during the production process is not stable enough. Therefore, it is particularly important to solve the problem that the vacuum degree in the coating machine is not easy to control during the production process, and the temperature of the internal coating objects is high and needs to be cooled in time. Improve work efficiency.

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