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Advantages of vacuum coating on plastic surface with vacuum coating equipment

Advantages of vacuum coating on plastic surface with vacuum coating equipment


Advantages of vacuum coating on plastic surface with vacuum coating equipment

Vacuum coating can be used to treat plastics, metals and other objects. Relatively speaking, more people like to process and coat plastic surfaces, because plastic is widely used, such as mobile phone cases, cups, bright imitation crystals and so on. The advantages of vacuum coated plastics are as follows:

1. make the plastic surface have metal texture; Compared with aluminum, copper, iron, stainless steel and other metal parts, the manufacturing process of plastic parts has the unique advantages of low cost and easy mass processing. The plastic parts with vacuum coating treatment on the surface have replaced or are replacing metal parts more and more widely in the appearance of industrial products, greatly reducing the manufacturing cost of industrial and consumer electronic products, and enhancing and consolidating the price advantage of products in the competition of the same industry.

2. Endow plastic products with conductivity; Compared with pure plastic parts, vacuum coated plastic products can be endowed with good conductivity according to the needs of applications. For example, the electromagnetic shielding performance (EMI) emphasized in most consumer electronics manufacturing processes can be obtained by conducting vacuum coating on the inner wall of plastic parts. Under the same effect, compared with the original manufacturing process of copper foil or aluminum foil, the vacuum coating EMI process has incomparable cost advantages.

3. non conductive vacuum plating (ncvm) can be carried out; For the external decorative parts of consumer electronics that need to transmit wireless signals in the working process, the plastic parts are required to have metallic luster. At the same time, it is required to ensure that the metal coating on the plastic surface will not shield or attenuate the radio signals of the equipment (such as Bluetooth signals, RF signals, etc.), So the non-conductive vacuum coating (ncvm) technology came into being. This vacuum coating technology not only ensures the metal texture of the plastic surface, but also does not affect the external signal transmission of the equipment. Compared with the conductivity of hydro electric coatings, the non-conductive vacuum plating (ncvm) process provides a perfect choice for design and r&d engineers.

4. Single layer plating is available; Generally speaking, the outer surface of the plastic product or the inner surface of the plastic product can be vacuum plated separately, while the other surface can retain the original appearance and function of the plastic, which is an insurmountable barrier compared with the immersion water electroplating process.

5. various plating colors. Due to the convenient process of vacuum electroplating, the formula and proportion can be adjusted on the basis of red, yellow and blue to form the ever-changing electroplating color effect (such as pink, red and green), However, water electroplating can only produce a few color effects, such as light chromium, matte chromium, black chromium, white chromium, etc., which are different from the color richness of vacuum electroplating.

6. wide application range of materials; Water electroplating can only process ABS plastic and a small amount of abs+pc plastic materials, which has certain limitations. However, vacuum plating can be applied to a wide range of plastic materials. In addition to ABS, abs+pc plastics, vacuum plating can also process metal coating effects on common engineering plastics such as PC, PP, PMMA, PA, PS, pet, etc. With the development and maturity of technology, vacuum coating can even be carried out on the surface of soft plastics at present, such as

7. translucent vacuum coating is available; In view of the increasingly fashionable appearance design of modern consumer electronic products, now the hidden display screen at the front of electronic products adopts translucent vacuum coating technology. The principle is to set a transparent plastic window with translucent vacuum coating treatment outside the LED display screen. When the device is not powered on, its LED display panel is hidden and invisible. When the device is powered on, consumers or users can see the LED luminous font on the display panel through the electroplated plastic window, which greatly improves the sense of technology and fashion of the product.

8. Environmental protection without odor; Vacuum electroplating technology is a process that molten metal ions are physically attached to the surface of plastic products to form coatings. The whole processing process does not need to add any chemicals or chemical reagents. It is a pure natural, non-toxic and environment-friendly processing technology. With the global attention to environmental protection, the chemical plating process has gradually faded out of high-end consumer electronics, food related products, toys and related industries due to non environmental reasons such as trivalent chromium and hexavalent chromium.

9. increase the hardness of plastic surface; Plastic is easy to form, which determines that its surface does not have good scratch resistance. After the completion of UV vacuum coating, a layer of UV curing coating is added on the surface of the coating, which greatly improves the surface hardness, scratch resistance and wear resistance of the product. The highest hardness can reach 4H level, far exceeding the scratch resistance and wear resistance level of water plating process.

10. excellent environmental weatherability; The vacuum electroplating process can give the product better performance in extreme use environment, such as high temperature and humidity resistance, low temperature resistance, scald resistance, high salt content (salt fog resistance), ultraviolet aging resistance, cosmetics resistance, sweat resistance, acid and alkali resistance, etc. The general oil injection process or water electroplating process can not meet these performance requirements.

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