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Advantages of PVD vacuum coating machine

Advantages of PVD vacuum coating machine


Advantages of PVD vacuum coating machine

PVD vacuum coating machine

Now our PVD vacuum coating machine is widely used in plastic products. Plastic products have the characteristics of easy molding, low cost, light weight, and no corrosion.

The technical advantages of the vacuum coating machine make the plastic surface metallized, and the combination of organic and inorganic materials greatly improves its physical and chemical properties. What are its advantages and characteristics?

1. Improve the surface hardness. The surface of the original plastic is softer than metal and is easily damaged. Through vacuum coating, the hardness and wear resistance are greatly improved;

2. The surface is smooth, the metallic luster is colorful, and the decoration is greatly improved;

3. In order to improve weather resistance, general plastics age quickly outdoors, mainly due to ultraviolet radiation. After aluminum plating, aluminum has the strongest ultraviolet reflection, so weather resistance is greatly improved;

4. The water absorption rate is reduced, the more coating times, the fewer pinholes, the lower the water absorption rate, the product is not easy to be deformed, and the heat resistance is improved;

5. Make the plastic surface conductive;

6. Easy to clean, no dust.

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