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About vacuum coating machine

About vacuum coating machine


About vacuum coating machine

In the past few years, more and more users require coating equipment manufacturers to provide high-performance, small specification, simple optical coating system. At the same time, the user's requirements for the equipment performance are also improved, especially in the aspects of coating density and minimizing the spectral change after water absorption. The vacuum coating machine designed and manufactured by Zhenhua Vacuum can effectively achieve the above effects.

Therefore, the following key factors should be considered when selecting modern optical coating equipment: The expected performance of the coated product, the size and physical characteristics of the substrate, and all the technical factors required to ensure the process consistency (coating repeatability).

vacuum coating machine

Nowadays, countries are paying more and more attention to environmental protection, and the traditional high-consumption and heavy-pollution electroplating industry is gradually being pushed to the forefront. Due to the basic nature of the electroplating industry, it is destined that it cannot be directly banned, so how to upgrade the electroplating technology has become a problem that many researchers need to think about. The green coating technology first proposed by the scientific and technical personnel of Lanzhou Jiaotong University is a new technology in the field of surface engineering. It can replace or partially replace the traditional chemical plating technology, which can solve the contradiction between sustainable development and environmental pollution.

In the past, most of the coatings used electroplating and electroless plating. There are problems such as difficult to control thickness, poor film uniformity, and poor adhesion. The pollution of the three wastes is particularly serious. Today, people’s environmental awareness is gradually strengthened. Constraints. The green coating technology process is simple, environmentally friendly, pollution-free, less consumables, uniform and dense film formation, and strong binding force with the substrate. Compared with the traditional electroplating method, vacuum coating technology has many advantages, such as good decorative effect, strong metal texture, easy to operate and so on. Especially in the application of non-metallic objects, it has advantages that traditional electroplating cannot match.

The concept of green coating is a new technology concept in the field of surface engineering first proposed by the scientific and technical personnel of Lanzhou Jiaotong University at home and abroad. It is to replace or partially replace the traditional electroplating technology with vacuum composite coating integrated technology to achieve consumption reduction, emission reduction and eradication of electroplating waste. The purpose of pollution and environmental protection is to resolve the contradiction between sustainable development and environmental pollution, and to serve an environment-friendly and resource-saving society. Green coating technology includes vacuum ion coating, magnetron sputtering coating, evaporation coating, ion implantation, ion cleaning, etc. and a series of single technologies and the integration of multiple composite technologies, involving vacuum, machinery, control, optoelectronics, material modification, surface Engineering, information and other multidisciplinary fields of optoelectronic control integration.

Green coating technology is an important branch of vacuum application technology. It has been widely used in the fields of optics, electronics, energy development, physical and chemical instruments, construction machinery, packaging, civil products, surface science and scientific research. Now there are many companies researching green coating technology, Cheng Yue Keyi is one of the leaders. Chengyue Keyi believes that the development of green vacuum coating is the general trend because it has a series of advantages that other processes cannot replace. The person in charge of Chengyue Keyi said that Chengyue Keyi will continue to increase the research and development and application of green coating technology, and continue to promote the development of green coating technology.

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