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About plastic vacuum coating equipment

About plastic vacuum coating equipment


About plastic vacuum coating equipment

The plastic vacuum coating machine is an evaporative coating device. Its working principle is to heat the metal or non-metallic material placed on the tungsten wire in a vacuum state. When the tungsten wire reaches a certain temperature, the coating material will evaporate into vapor molecules or atoms. ; Since the mean free path of the steam molecules is greater than the linear dimension from the steam to the workpiece, the steam molecules or atoms are emitted straight from the evaporation source in all directions, and are rarely impacted and hindered by other molecules. When molecules or atoms touch the workpiece, they condense on the workpiece to form a film layer, so as to achieve the purpose of plastic decoration and beautifying the surface of the article.

 The plastic vacuum coating machine has the advantages of reasonable structure, uniform film layer, good film quality, high pumping speed, short working cycle, high production efficiency, convenient operation, low energy consumption and stable performance.

 Plastic vacuum coating is widely used in plastic products, after the surface of plastic products is coated with a certain metal film layer, it will have the color of the metal to play a surface decoration function.

 For example, vacuum-plating a gold-like coating material such as titanium nitride on a plastic molded product and coating a transparent coating on the coating layer can obtain a bright-colored and wear-resistant gold-like surface. At present, automobile interior and exterior decorative parts, household electrical appliances parts and decorative parts, decorative parts of furniture and lamps, toys, daily necessities such as belt loops, hair lengths, button crafts such as palace lanterns, necklaces, bracelets and other various plastic molding products can be Beautified by vacuum coating method. After the plastic film has been vacuum-coated, it has shown an attractive prospect for a wider range of uses. A variety of decorative films have added color varieties to the light and textile industries and can also be used as decorative materials to increase product value.

 Vacuum coating technology has also been widely used in architectural glass. The energy lost through glass in modern buildings cannot be ignored. At present, various countries are dealing with architectural glass. The purpose of processing is to improve various properties of glass, such as optical, electrical, mechanical and color. The treatment method is to directly vacuum coat the architectural glass or attach the vacuum coated polyester film to the glass. At present, there are energy-saving window glass insulation films that are warm in winter and cool in summer. Brown or various brightly colored thermal insulation films are attached to the inner side of the window glass, and the light sparkles to present a colorful and fascinating scene. Insulation film can also play the role of energy saving, adjustment of light intensity, safety and so on. At present, this type of vacuum coating plastic film has been used on the glass surface of hotels, restaurants, trains, automobiles and ships.

 Application industry: plastic (ABS, PS, PP, PC, PVC), nylon, ceramics, resin, glass and other materials toys, accessories, handicrafts, mobile phone cases, electronic products, lighting accessories, cosmetic packaging and other industries.

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