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About EMI Sputtering Coating of Vacuum Coating Equipment

About EMI Sputtering Coating of Vacuum Coating Equipment


About EMI Sputtering Coating of Vacuum Coating Equipment

What is EMI? It is actually Electromagnetic Compatibility (Electromagnetic Compatibility), abbreviated EMC, which means that an electronic device neither interferes with other devices nor is affected by other devices. Electromagnetic compatibility, like safety as we are familiar, is one of the most important indicators of product quality. Safety concerns people and property, while electromagnetic compatibility concerns people and environmental protection.

Electromagnetic waves will interact with electronic components and cause interference, which is called EMI (Electromagnetic Interference). For example, the common "snowflakes" on TV screens indicate that the received signal is disturbed.

The principle of EMI sputtering coating

1. In a high vacuum state, fill with an appropriate amount of argon;

2. Apply high-voltage direct current to ionize argon gas into argon ions, accelerate to hit the metal target, and sputter metal ions;

3. Metal ions are sputtered on the substrate (plastic shell) at an accelerated rate in an electric field to form a metal ion film.

Vacuum sputtering EMI has the characteristics of high conductivity and high electromagnetic shielding efficiency, and is widely used in communication products (mobile phones), computers (notebooks), portable electronic products, consumer electronics, network hardware (servers, etc.), medical equipment, household electronics EMI shielding for products and electronic equipment such as aerospace and defense.

Suitable for metal shielding of various plastic products (PC, PC+ABS, ABS, etc.).

Vacuum technology is an industry developed by combining mechanical, electrical, material, chemical and aerospace technologies. It is also one of the top ten emerging industries that my country, the United States, Japan and other countries are vigorously promoting. The scope of application of vacuum technology is becoming more and more extensive, and the objects of application include optoelectronics, semiconductors and LCD industries, etc. In recent years, manufacturing equipment in optoelectronics, IC and LCD industries has grown rapidly.

EMI sputter coating has the following characteristics:

Low price (if the country has independent intellectual property rights).

The thickness of the metal film processed by vacuum sputtering is only 0.5 to 2 μm, which absolutely does not affect the assembly.

Vacuum sputtering is a completely environmentally friendly process, absolutely environmentally friendly and pollution-free.

There is no limit to the material to be sputtered, any solid conductive metal and organic materials at room temperature, insulating materials can be used (for example: copper, chromium, silver, gold, stainless steel, aluminum, silicon oxide SiO2, etc.).

The substrates to be sputtered are almost unlimited (ABS, PC, PP, PS, glass, ceramics, epoxy resin, etc.).

The film quality is dense and uniform, and the film thickness is easy to control.

Strong adhesion (ASTM3599 method test 4B).

It can be used with a variety of multi-layer films of different sputtering materials at the same time. And, the coating sequence can be changed according to the customer's specification.

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