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A vacuum coating equipment with good performance

A vacuum coating equipment with good performance


A vacuum coating equipment with good performance

What is vacuum coating equipment? Vacuum coating equipment mainly refers to a type of coating machinery that needs to be carried out under a high degree of vacuum, including many types of machines, including vacuum resistance heating evaporation, electron gun heating evaporation, magnetron sputtering, MBE molecular beam epitaxy, PLD laser sputtering Shot deposition, ion beam sputtering, etc.

A good vacuum coating machine needs to overcome the problems of low production capacity, slow speed and low power consumption in order to create higher production efficiency, save more production costs, and gradually improve the configuration of mechanical equipment. This is also an important issue that cannot be ignored in the detection system, overload system, cooling system, vacuum system and safety system of the mechanical equipment itself. The vacuum coating machine belongs to hardware equipment, in order to give full play to its functional characteristics, it also needs the corresponding software combined with it. This includes a set of maintenance and management measures, as well as the use of professionally qualified personnel. According to the actual situation of the vacuum coating machine, it is necessary to formulate a corresponding equipment management system according to the actual situation, and establish a perfect equipment management system.

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