A roll lifter, also known as a drum roll lifter

by:ZHENHUA     2020-05-27
Roll lifters often have a load attachment that can be easily changed to fit multiple needs. Using a roll lifter will maximize your productivity in two ways: Save on the cost of moving stationary equipment Avoid disruptions to the manufacturing process Roll lifters not only maximize productivity but also enhance the safety of your workers and reduce work-related injury costs, all of which are absolutely necessary. The average cost of a lost-time injury claim in Ontario through WSIB in 2007 was $98 000. It's obvious that you can't afford to have your employees working with hazardous, unsafe equipment. There are numerous benefits to employers who provide their employees with the safest workplace possible. Using an ergonomic machine such as a roll lifter will improve employee safety and reduce the costs associated with workplace injuries. Workplace safety increases productivity and boosts employee morale. Roll lifters ensure operator and equipment safety in a number of ways, by: Being explosion proof Being adaptable to multi-shift operations Being easy to operate in small and narrow spaces Having an adjustable overload protection Having an ergonomic design to facilitate easy lifting, moving, handling and manipulation of loads of all sizes Because of their safe, ergonomic design roll lifters are used in a number of different industrial environments, including: Electronic industries Pharmaceutical industries Food industries Engineering industries Automotive industries When you are considering purchasing any type of heavy duty safety equipment ensure you choose a reliable supplier, distributor or manufacturer. A reliable supplier, distributor or manufacturer: Will have the most up to date product specifications and information Can help you choose the best equipment based on your industry, work environment and needs, including weight specifications Will ensure you choose equipment that is safe to use and has the most up-to-date safety features You also want to ensure that the roll lifter you choose is durable, strong and reliable and easy to operate and maintain. Look for a roll lifter that is affordable, but be sure you don't sacrifice safety features for a low price. Roll lifters are available in different sizes and are designed for different uses and applications so ensure you purchase one that is perfectly suited to your needs to ensure your operators can work safely and efficiently.
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