A roll bender is a very robustly built and powerful

by:ZHENHUA     2020-05-26
Roll benders work by 'pinching' the flat workpiece between two rolls and bending it as it comes in contact with a forming roll. This bends the workpiece into a cylindrical form, where it is welded together to produce a cylinder. Caps are then welded on to produce tanks. The upper roll is in a fixed position, the lower roll has adjustable movement to perform the gripping function. These are the 'pinch' rolls. The third roll (the forming roll) is also adjustable. Truly built to do the job year after year, these machines are designed with all three rolls driven. This insures easy material feeding and constant pull through of the workpiece. With a manually or air adjusted drop hinge, the top shaft is automatically raised to release the pressure on the rolled sheet when the tail hinge is lowered. The rear forming roll is adjusted manually on some standard models. This pipe bending roller has a motor to direct drive gear transmission for positive transfer of power to the drive rollers. The transmission is overload protected by a variable speed inverter drive unit. The variable speed is controlled by a speed pot and becomes very handy when rolling various types and sizes of metal section. This ring roll bender comes standard with foot pedal controls, segment rolls, and lateral roll guides that are very handy when coiling is required. The top roll position is manually descended and the position is indicated on a scale for repeatable bends every time. Optional rolls can be purchased for different profiles like tubing, pipe, angle iron and much more. Ring rollers are built to a very high quality standard using only the best components on the market. The powered models come with heavy steel plate frame designs, heavy bases, and industrial grade transmissions with overload protection as standard. These ring rollers offer more quality for the investment and will perform decades of service. It is typically in stock for shipments within 72 hours or less. The technical specifications and standard equipment are:
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