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A detailed introduction of multi arc magnetron sprinting coating machine

A detailed introduction of multi arc magnetron sprinting coating machine


Multi arc ion plating is a method of using arc discharge to evaporate metal directly on the solid cathode target. The evaporated material is the ion of cathode material emitted from the bright point of cathode arc, so as to deposit the film on the surface of substrate.

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According to the different target materials, the current that can work stably is different. For example, if it is Cr target, it can work stably at about 60A, Ti target can work stably at about 70A, the arc current of Zr is slightly higher, about 100A, and the working voltage of cathode is between 20v-30v. When coating, for example, if you want to make tic black film, you must choose Ti target, Ti has a working current of 70A and a working voltage of about 25V. C2H2 gas needs to be filled into the vacuum chamber. When coating, the vacuum degree should be kept at about 0.5pa. In general, the molecular degree pump or diffusion pump is used to extract these gases to maintain a certain pressure in the vacuum chamber. At this time, the slide valve pump and roots pump act as the front pump of the molecular pump or diffusion pump, which is always on

Multi arc ion plating tin is widely used in decoration and tool industry for its high hardness, high wear resistance, superior corrosion resistance and attractive color. It is used in various dies such as drill, tap, broach, etc. to increase its service life by more than three times. It is used in watchband, case, spectacle frame, plaque, brand name, tableware, etc.

Vacuum ion plating was proposed by D.M. Mattox in 1963, and experiments began. In 1971, chamber et al. Published electron beam ion plating technology. In 1972, B reported the reactive evaporation plating (are) technology, and made tin and tic ultradura. In the same year, Moley and Smith applied hollow cathode technology to coating. In the 1980s, multi arc ion plating and arc discharge high vacuum ion plating appeared in succession in China. So far, the ion plating has reached the level of industrial application.

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