7 dive watches worth looking out for

by:ZHENHUA     2020-09-03
First Watch set at 1927 Rolex patent with real water-
The development of the market
Channel swimmer Mercedes greitz, which forever redefines the context of the watch, since then it\'s only a matter of time before the watch\'s adventure getting farther and farther under the waves.
During World War II, diving watches, driven by companies such as Panerai, quickly became popular in their 50 s and 60 s, as scuba diving became a leisureLong-
Replaced by wrist due to technical reasons
Nevertheless, the modern diving watch faithfully follows an unparalleled combination of easy peer, high levels of waterproofing, dirt, impact and magnetism, and shapes --follows-
The functional design introduced by Rolex, Blancpain, Seiko and other companies.
Whether they are more likely to see deep water or dish water, today\'s dive watch offers an iconic connection to the golden age of watch design.
There are seven times worth mentioning here. . .
Bremont\'s latest dive watch is only 300 pieces, based on 500 m-
Super Marine CorpsTested by free-
Diver, surfer and environmental activist Mark Healy, which brings a lighter, brighter color scheme to the design (
Including some
New and difficult to produce blueluminovand with the option of blue rubber or keffra tape).
It also provides a good factor for customers: a portion of each sales revenue is used to support conservation programs along the Hawaiian coastline.
Seiko is not the first brand to embrace diving watches, but it has been one of the most enthusiastic brands since 1965.
This year\'s reference sl025 faithfully pays tribute to the brand\'s first high point
Frequency diving watch released 50 years ago in 1968.
It has developed the brand\'s diving watch design specification, which includes a 4-point crown for greater protection.
This year\'s re-release has been done according to Seiko standards, which means polishing and unmatched fit is possible. and-
Gold plated finish-
Rim of the bezel and detail of the dial.
Take this year and last year\'s Rolex Deep Sea-
Resident model on the sideby-
This requires a sharp watch geek to see the difference at a glance.
However, they were there and made a watch that was already very competent (
3,900 waterproof)even better.
This ratio is subtly adjusted to make the bracelet and clasp thicker to keep the watch in a better balance on the wrist, while the inside of the watch is equipped with a new generation of Rolex built-in watches
The 3235-caliber House movement has enhanced magnetic resistance and earthquake resistance.
Royal Oak Offshore took 25 years to transform from a disruptive newcomer to a mature idol, but unlike most nautical watches, it is known as a time watch.
The diver was cut.
Down, the purist choice, place the front and center of the \"Meijia Tapisserie\" square dial design in a variety of colors from purple to earthy yellow.
The 10-point crown-controlled inner spin bezel qualifies Marine divers for a true dive watch status-one of the key requirements is the ability to measure the elapsed time at a glance.
When you start diving, simply line up with a split needle and it will make it easy to read out the dive time so far.
Seahorse is one of the typical diving watches, celebrating its 70 th anniversary this year.
However, as a modern diving watch, 300 m (
Named after its waterproof grade)
Life began in 1993.
Since then, it has become the preferred watch for Pierce Brosnan\'s James Bond and our own Prince William.
This year, it got an update that brought back the unique wave pattern on the dial-now the laser --
Etching-and the movement certified by the Main Observatory below, which means the best-in-
Daily accuracy level.
Favre Leuba appeared in the heyday of the 60-year-old diving watch, a name that many people have thought has lost since they closed down in their early 70 s.
However, in recent years, with the revival of a series of solid diving models loyal to its early heritage.
As the name implies, the Bathy 120 Memodepth is one of the few watches that can measure depth underwater (
Up to 120 m;
Watch will continue up to 200 m).
This is by getting water into a special-
The chamber created and displayed on a central scale from light blue to black.
The collection of artifacts has long been longines\'s most powerful suit, and legendary divers are one of the most popular cult classics-two crowns recognized at a glance.
In 2018, it was given a more modern look, with a black Physical deposition coating, a pull-out pattern of the case and a practical black rubber strap.
Plus two-
Featuring a green and beige SuperLuminova dial, this watch cleverly balances the traditional and modern influences
The case with a size of 42mm can be 300 waterproof.
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